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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fever Series: Darkfever

Author: Karen Moning
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Karen Moning is also the author of the Highlanders Series. In this series her character MacKayla Lane, Mac for short, gets a wake up call in the worst way. Her sister and best friend in the world is murdered while in Dublin. Mac find a cryptic message on her cell phone from her sister just hours before she was murdered. Her sister says that there was so much she should have told her, that she's sorry she didn't get the chance to tell her who she is or what powers she holds, but she has to find this book. It's the key to it all and she knows where it is but it's up to Mac to get it....then the line goes dead. The book is an ancient Dark Book. It has powers that will give whoever holds it complete control over both the human and Fae worlds. After getting that message Mac decides to go to Dublin to start her own investigation and finds out to soon that she is in WAY over her head. Being a Sidhe-seer isn't what she wanted to be....

Jericho Barron's (sidhe-seer) - handsome in his own right - but Mac just isn't sure he can be trusted. Though he hasn't lied to her, she knows he's not telling her the whole truth either. But for now - they are stuck with each other. They seem to work well as a team and for all purposes trust each other enough to protect the other ones back.

V'lane - an alpha Fae who makes sex an addiction for human women- who also says he's trying to help Mac. Of course she doesn't believe him due to the fact every time they meet she somehow finds herself trying to strip her clothes off simply by being near him.....not a very trust worthy start if you ask me.

This book is great. A lot of action, drama, and easy to read. There are four books out so far with the next one due out January 18, 2011.