**And just an FYI: if you see a book listed on my blog that is part of a series, just go ahead and assume that I've read all the books, or am working on reading ALL the books within that series. I may not always list them on here but trust me - they were read.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Full Moon Rising: A Riley Jenson Gardian Novel

Author: Keri Arthur

Full Moon Rising
Kissing Sin
Tempting Evil
Dangerous Games
Embraced Darkness
The Darkest Kiss
Deadly Desire
Bound to Shadows
Moon Sworn

Meet Riley Jenson. Half Werewolf, half Vampire but ALL trouble. Riley comes from a wolf pack that her and her twin brother were kicked out of as soon as they reached adulthood. Being a half breed normally meant death within the pack - but since their mom was the daughter of the one in charge they were spared. Lucky them. Both Keri and her brother Rhoan work for a government agency called the Directorate. Rhoan is a Guardian. He hunts the bad un-humans and either tries to bring them in for punishment - or kills them. Riley however isn't a killer. She pushes the paperwork and helps the Guardians get information. Riley and her brother pretend to be married and lovers (though they are NOT). They have the same last name (everyone in the pack has the same last name) and it's easier than explaining that they both are half wolf and half vampire let alone TWINS. That just doesn't happen. Her brother got the more vampire will she got the more wolf.

When her brother turns up missing a week from the full moon Riley gets nervous. She can feel his pain and feel him when he is near her because they are twins and have that connection. She is determined to get her brother out of whatever trouble he is in. Along the way she meets a handsome vampire who shows up naked at their apartment door claiming to have amnesia but does remember that Rhoan was a friend and would help him. Riley doesn't tend to trust to anyone who shows up naked at her door (because it does happen often).

The characters in this book are wonderful. This story somewhere between love/sex story, government superheros and a woman with power she didn't know she had. All in all - a great read.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fever 1793

Author: Laurie Halse Anderson

So I know that this book is actually on some schools "summer reading" lists and I thought it was pretty good for being a historical novel.

This story is about the life of teenager, Matilda (Mattie) Cook. It's set in Philadelphia while the yellow fever was running like wild fire. You follow Matilda through the beginning of when the sickness arrives in Philly and you follow her until the end of the epidemic. Matilda lives with her mother and grandfather (both of whom contract the fever) and who seem to think they know what's best for her - while of course, she thinks they are nuts. For being what this story is about it actually shows you a lot about finding yourself and your confidence in stressful situations. It wasn't one of my favorite books I've read as of late, but it was still a good book.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Anita Blake Series

Author: Laurell K. Hamilton

I would list the books in this series - but there is more than 15 of them so if you want to see them all check out her website above. As of right now I'm on book number eight...and I have loved them all.

Anita Blake is just your typical 20 something making a living. She is an animator. She raises the dead for a living. You know, people who died before making a will and the family members left behind need one - or the police need to know who killed you if you were murdered. Anita does her share to help those in need. She is VERY good at what she does. She is a necromancer. Someone with an affinity for death. She is also called "The Executioner." She is a licensed vampire killer (as long as it's legal with all the proper warrants and such..you know, since the vampire are currently considered living things).

Anita doesn't like to go out after dark, but when she has too, she goes armed and dangerous. In the first book she has to go to a Vampire Strip Bar called Guilty Pleasures. Jean-Claude, the vampire who owns the bar, knows what Anita is. Necromancer and all. She's meet him before. He is very powerful, so she doesn't look him in the eyes. He could take over her mind if she did. But lesser vampires....she could stare at all day. Most of that protection is because of her affinity, and part is just being an animator. She is at the bar for a bachlerette party for her best friend. A vampire at the bar tries to take over a lady's mind. Although it's for fun - she is not a willing participant, which is against the law. The vampire is question uses magic on the rest of the audience, so they don't have the ability to see what Anita does. She makes a decision that may backfire on her. She confronts the vampire, in front of everyone. The fact that he can't use his mind games on her is what saves her.....at least until later.

I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed ALL of these books. I get lost in them so easily. It's great. I would tell you about each book I've read, but they all kind of run together since I didn't write this blog after everyone. But please take my word...they are fascinating.

And just so you know, each book is it's own story so you don't HAVE to read them in order. But you will miss out on some character development if you skip around.

Have Fun!!

Strange Angels

Author: Lili St. Crow

Strange Angels
Jealousy -coming July 2010

Alright, so Dru Anderson at 16 year old girl who knows how to kick butt, take names and can feel magic around her. She knows when something evil is on her path but she doesn't always act on these feelings. Her mom died when she was little. Now, her dad, one of a few who hunt things that go bump in the night, has become a zombie. Dru is now being hunted and she doesn't know why or who is doing this to her....until she meets Christophe. A djamphir, who hunts bad vampires - like the one trying to get Dru. He tells her he is her guardian angel...but she's not so sure.

Dru doesn't know Christophe, at all. But he knows to much about her family for her to feel comfortable around him. He knew her daddy, knew of her mother. Why?? Christophe tells her it's because the magic Dru has in her is from her mom - not her dad or grandma like she always thought. Female djamphirs are rare, very rare. Her mom was one, or so Chris tells her. That means Dru is one too (unbelievable). And after remembering the few last moments of her moms life she starts thinking he is right. Now what...

The books starts a little slow for my taste, but by chapter three it picks right up and throws you into a great story. I enjoyed it.

May 16, 2010 -

Alright. I just finished reading the second book in the series and it was really good. I liked it a lot better than the first one. But I think that's because it just dumps you off into the middle of things instead of trying to fill you in on history and everything. Dru is becoming more into her potential and is so confused by both Graves and Christophe. She cares for both of them - but in completely different ways. And now she learns about "Ash". The werewolf who bit Graves and changed him. Ash has been protecting her from all the "bad" vampires coming to kill her and she's not sure why. But there is something in his eyes and she can't help the feeling of wanting to save him.

The next book comes out in July 2010 and I cannot wait for it to hit the shelves. :)