**And just an FYI: if you see a book listed on my blog that is part of a series, just go ahead and assume that I've read all the books, or am working on reading ALL the books within that series. I may not always list them on here but trust me - they were read.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If I Stay

Author: Gayle Forman

Just a warning. If you've ever had family that has been in the ICU or have been in a coma, then this book will be more to you than if you've never had to experience that. That being said - since I've had experience in this life with my brother being in a coma and being rushed off periodically for brain surgery's and such.....I absolutely thought this book was GREAT.

This story is about the life of Mia. It starts the day of the accident that killed the rest of her family. Now she is left behind in a "ghostly" state trying to figure out why she is being held here the way she is and reminiscing about her life with her laid back parents and her little brother.

I feel kinda silly telling you this - but it did make me cry at certain spots. But like I said, I've been through something like this for real - so it made me remember what it all felt like. I highly recommend this book.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

You Suck: A Love Story

Author: Christopher Moore

Tommy woke up a new man. Well, technically he didn't really wake up because he is a vampire now. Thanks to his hot little girlfriend who was recently turned by one too old vampire. He decides sleeping with her may have not been a good choice. To late now.

Now that he's changed he has to steer clear of the police, and his old group of friends. Otherwise they both could end up dead.

I wish I could write more for this book - but to do so would give to many fun things up and I don't want to give anything away. This book made me laugh while I was reading - which was great. I really enjoyed it. Check it out!!

The Last Song

Author: Nicholas Sparks

Oh My Word!! This was such a great little book. I loved it. A great love story to read and go through.

Ronnie Miller is being sent to her dads for the summer with her little brother. She would rather die than spend the summer at her fathers in North Carolina. He's the one who left them so why should she even bother with him. He doesn't really want them, right?? He reminds her of everything she doesn't want to be anymore. He was a concert pianist and a music teacher, her teacher to be exact. She hasn't touched a piano since he left.

Ronnie finds her father ALWAYS playing the piano when she is home. She thinks he's trying to trick her into playing. She doesn't realize playing the piano is a release for him. Ronnie finally makes friends both good and bad, and finds herself in more drama than when she was back home in New York City.

Nicholas Sparks wrote a wonderful story about finding your first true love, the love between parents and children and finding the strength to carry on when you really don't want to. I highly recommend you read this book. It was great!!