**And just an FYI: if you see a book listed on my blog that is part of a series, just go ahead and assume that I've read all the books, or am working on reading ALL the books within that series. I may not always list them on here but trust me - they were read.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

staying dead

Author: Laura Anne Gilman

Wren Valere specializes in finding things that have gone missing, or rather stolen. The "magical" world calls her a Retriever. Wren and Sergei are partners (or perhaps more??) in a business where he handles the money and finding clients and Wren handles completing the jobs. Up until now ALL of their jobs have been done to the satisfaction of their customers. But when a cornerstone of a building with a spell in it goes missing that changes, and Wren is the first Retriever the client calls...after of course, the Council.

Wren and Sergei have always done what they could to NOT be involved in ANY Council politics or otherwise in their business. But with this case they took...it looks more like they aren't going to be able to avoid them anymore.

As they go along their journey they finally realize that maybe neither of them would be happy without the other in their life. Of course having these feelings while in the middle of a job that could possibly end with one, if not both, of them dead is NOT the best time to figure this out....but I suppose it's better then never.

I know that this  may not be the best explanation for this book but it really was a good read. There are six books so far in her series and I plan on reading them all as they become available at my local library. I hope you enjoy!! Feel free to check out the authors website and you can get better descriptions of each book within the series.

Hunted by the Others

Author: Jess Haines

Shiarra Waynest is a PI for the mortals of the world. A job that was only sometimes dangerous. But Shia's financial situation is dwindling and she agrees to a job that puts her in work for a powerful mage who's wanting information on the towns most powerful and oldest vampire, Alec Royce.

The mage, who's a member of "The Circle",  requests that Shia make friends with Alec in hope of gaining information on an ancient artifact that she believes Mr. Royce to be in possession of. If he does have it, then The Circle can move and try to take it from him...if not, then they need to know that too. Only when Shia meets Mr. Royce does she realize what she's gotten herself into. Sexy vampire or not, he could kill her in an instant. And now that the crazy human activists have seen her coming in and out of Alec's restaurants and clubs they are after Shia as well, to recruit her as an assassin.   

Learning bit by bit as she comes along on her journey she realizes she is in WAY over her head and has to determine who exactly can be trusted....or who should be shot. Oh....and there's always a little bit of romance involved.

Pretty fun read. It looks like the next book in the series just came out with another one due out in July 2011.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Midnight's Daughter

Author: Karen Chance

Karen Chance is also the author of The Cassandra Palmer Series, which is also a great read. Midnight's daughter actually involves many of the same characters from the Cassandra Palmer Series. Dorina Basarab is a dhampir - half human, half vampire. She is also the daughter of Mircea, member of the Vampire Senate and highly powerful. Now, most dhampir die at a very young age from their uncontrollable rages. Dory has been able to control hers by only unleashing it on those who deserve it and having a roommate who is a null tends to help calm her anger.

With her best friend and roommate missing without a word, Dory is on the hunt for who has her. But her Daddy needs her help with a family problem. Her Uncle Dracula has escape from his prison and will soon be aiming for them both. Question is whether or not they will be prepared enough to fight him....and win.  Mircea proposes that Dory help Louis-Caesar with hunting down Dracula. In return he, along with the Senate, will help track down her roommate. Out of options and money - she reluctantly agrees to his plans in hopes she will soon find her best friend - and sanity again.

Karen Chance is a wonderful, fun author. Check out her website and you can read the first chapters from ANY of her books to see if you'll like them as much as me. Happy Reading!

P.S. I've ready requested the second book in this series. :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bitten in Two

Author: Jennifer Rardin

This is book seven in Rardin's Jaz Parks Series. There will be only one more book, The Deadliest Bite, in this series. Not because it needs to end, but because Jennifer Rardin past away earlier this year. She was a very talented writer whom I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I hope you do as well...

I'm not planning on giving any spoilers to those of you who have yet to enjoy even one of the books in this series. The best way to describe Jaz Parks is to describe her the way Publishers Weekly did, "Fuses spy girl with vampire slayer". And although the vampires play a major role in Jaz's life - they are not the only "bad guys" in it. Demons, Weres, along with Witches and Warlocks make for interesting marks to be assassinating. And seeing as she is the best assassin our government has.....well, it makes sense that Jaz really enjoys a good fight, and since she's partnered with one of the oldest vampires she knows (who happens to be a good guy), there's no question trouble will find them both.

I've really enjoyed losing myself in these book over the past few months. If you've liked any of the previous books I've recommended, I know you will too.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Clockwork Angel - The Infernal Devices Book One

Author: Cassandra Clare

Tessa Gray has lost everything. At seventeen years old she's lost her Aunt and her brother. Her parents have long been dead. All alone, and now kidnapped by the Dark Sisters. They've claimed they have her brother, and she can save him if she does as they ask.

While being held captive Tessa learns that she's not just human. She's got a rare ability: the power to transform at will, into another person. The "Magister" wants the Dark Sisters to train Tessa so she can control her ability and claim her powers for himself. But before the ceremony can take place, a handsome and witty Shadowhunter breaks Tessa free.

Tessa is determined to find her brother, and go home to her "normal" life....but that's just not going to happen anymore. Not only is she far from "normal" now....she may just be discovering how dangerous love can be.


Spider's Bite : An Elemental Assassin Book

Author: Jennifer Estep

Spider is THE most fear assassin in the South. As a Stone Elemental, Spider has the ability to hear the whispers from stones and gravel to know without a doubt if anything is wrong. Spider's real name is Gin Blanco. And when she's not out on an assignment - she's cooking up some yummy food at the Pork Pitt with her handler and Foster Father, Fletcher Lane.

Fletcher has an assignment for Gin. He wants it to be the "last" one for, so she can retire from the business. She decides to take it. While she's hiding in the shadows biding her time she notices Detective Donovan Caine talking to her mark. Curious about this new development she decides to wait on killing who she's there for...which was a mistake.

Now, she's on the run from the local police, from fellow assassins, and from a crazy Air Elemental hell bent on having ALL the power she find.

Drama, Romance, Comedy.....what else could you ask for??

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Author: Paula Morris

Rebecca Brown is being shipped off to her crazy Aunt Claudia's while her Dad has work to do in China. Not only is she being ripped out of NYC and being sent to New Orleans...but she's also having to switch schools.

At her new school, Rebecca is treated like she's invisible. At least to everyone besides Anton Grey, the cutest guy at the school. But she's not sure he's being "real" with her. Then, late one night, Rebecca makes a friend. Only there's a catch...she's a ghost. Her name is Lisette and she lived a long time ago. But she's got a serious score to settle with some of the local, present families.

As Rebecca learns more about Lisette and her own past, she finds the two of them are on a journey NO ONE can derail. Can she help settle the score so Lisette can be at rest???

This book is a swift, fun read. It is a young adult novel so no worries about age appropriateness if you have teens who'd like to read it. Great read.....go pick it up!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

First Drop of Crimson

Author: Jeaniene Frost

Frost is also the author of  The Night Huntress Series. Which were awesome as well. If you haven't read them - check them out too.

This book is a "spin-off" from her Night Huntress Series. Cat's best friend, Denise, is in a bit of a predicament. A Demon has been killing off her family members. This, just after losing her husband to vampire's and a miscarriage from losing her husband. Denise promised herself she'd swore off the world that involved vamps - but she's got no one else to turn to but Cat, her best friend who happens to be half-vampire.

In trying to contact Cat for help, she calls Spade. The only vampire she knows who hasn't changed his phone number. She tells him what she's learned. That a demon is after her family. Apparently her long ago relative made a deal with him to become powerful, then sent him back to hell. Now the demon is back with vengeance. Not only is Denise branded by the demon, but she can also shape-shift due to this new power that came with her branding....and she HAS to find her relative or the demon will KILL ALL of her family.

Spade wants to help. He's been drawn to Denise since the first time he laid eyes on her more than a year ago. But back then he couldn't act on his feelings. She was married and her best friend was his best friends mate. But now, she's a widow, she needs help and he wants to keep her safe. But even if they can find her relative, what will keep the demon from killing her too, or anyone else? Denise is tired of watching everyone she cares about die. She wants to help..... even if it will kill her.

Great, fun read. Easy to get lost in. :)

Meredith Gentry Series

Author: Laurell K. Hamilton

A Kiss of Shadows
A Caress of Twilight
Seduced by Moonlight
A Stroke of Midnight
Mistral's Kiss
A Lick of Frost
Swallowing Darkness
Divine Misdemeanors

Alright....so here is another series provided by one of my all time favorite authors. Meredith Gentry is a private investigator. But more importantly she is a Faerie Princess. She disappeared from faerie a few years ago in order to try and loose herself in the human realm. Between her father's murder, her Aunt (Queen of Air and Darkness) trying to drown her when she was little and her Uncle (King of Light and Illusion) rejecting her from the Seelie Court she doesn't regret the choice to leave. But after being outed by her crazy cousin Cel (and by that I mean almost being murdered) she has no choice but to return. Her Aunt offers her the opportunity of a lifetime. A race, between herself and Cel. Whomever gets with child first can have the crown.

Now....Meredith will have her troubles. Being a half-breed, not everyone will agree to having her as their Queen. But her father did not leave her without knowledge. Her political knowledge will serve her well, sometimes even better then her guards can. So far I have read the first four from this series and absolutely love them. Mistral's Kiss is waiting for me on my nightstand...

Be warned, if you're not into fantasy or romance novels then this series is probably not for you. Seeing as how it's all about getting Meredith pregnant or killing whatever is trying to kill her before it does. Just fair warning. I however, will read ALL of them!

Lament: The Faerie Queens Deception

Author: Maggie Stiefvater

Some of you may have already read Stiefvater's The Wolves of Mercy Falls series that include Shiver and Linger. I enjoyed both of them by the way. Now Stiefvater introduces us to her world of homicidal faeries.

Dierdre Monaghan is a sixteen-year-old girl who has spent time wishing her life wasn't so boring. Her best friend in the entire world, James, and herself are really gifted in music. Dee plays the harp and sings while he can play the bag-pipes. During their competition for a music scholarship Dee meets Luke Dillon. A boy who miraculously has appeared in her dreams. Turns out Luke is a faerie assassin - who was sent by the Queen to kill Dee. But after meeting her he just can't seem to do it. The queen sends out another assassin named Aodhan to keep an eye on them both and guarantee the job gets done.

Turns out Dee's family has a history of an ability to see Faeries, these people are also called cloverhands. Her grandmother and her mother could see them. They even have iron jewelry to make sure the faeries they do see cannot hurt them. But Dee never understood just how different she was until her ability came into being and how far she'll go to keep her loved ones safe.

This story was a great easy read. There is also a second novel in this series called Ballad which I have already requested from the library.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Iron King

Author: Julie Kagawa

Meet Meghan. A normal girl who lost her daddy when she was 6. Really, he just disappeared when she went to get ice cream and he was never heard from again. After that catastrophe her mother moved her to the outskirts of a little town in the middle of nowhere and remarried. Then her best friend in all the world, Robbie, starts getting very protective of her when she starts noticing things that just couldn't really be there....could they??

She finds out real quick that the man she thought of as her daddy was NOT her dad. Turns out she's the daughter of a faery king and she's being used. By everyone, except her best friend. After her little brother is kidnapped and taken to the Nevernever (by a type of evil no other fae could face, other than herself) she is determined to get him back. Even if her best friend wasn't supposed to allow her to go there (good thing he doesn't mind a bit of mischief).

Finally finding their way into the Nevernever, she sets out on an adventure she never thought she'd have. And she'll find out what it feels like to love a winter prince, who may just be her death.

The second book in the series is called, "The Iron Daughter" and is also very good. This is a great story to get lost in!! The 3rd book, "The Iron Queen", is due to be released in February 2011. Cannot wait!

Hex Hall

Author: Rachel Hawkins

My neighbor got this book first and told me about it. I thought why not try it? And it was SO GOOD! It is a young adult novel so NO worries about letting your "young adults" read it.

Meet Sophia Mercer. A teenager being shipped off to a reform school on an island off the coast of Georgia. Not that she really needs reforming, I mean really, all she did was try to do a "little" love spell for a friend who she was tired of seeing hurt. It wasn't her fault it turned out so wrong....was it?? Well, now her daddy (whom she's never actually meet, only emailed and talked on the phone with) and her mom ( a normal human) have sent her off to Hex Hall with all the other little witches and shape-shifters who aren't on the straight an narrow.

Since she's finally in a position to learn some of her history, she dives in. Only she learns that most humans would rather see her kind die, and they aren't the only ones. She also learns about a ancient secret societies determined to destroy the supernatural anyway possible.

Her room mate is a vampire, a girl, and she's a lesbian. Her old room mate (before Sophia) was murdered last year, and of course she was blamed for it (though never convicted). Within the first couple a months of school other attacks start happening again and  she is the first to get blamed. Though Sophia doesn't believe it could be her friend. In between trying to stay out of trouble, learning her craft and history, gym and detention - she finds herself falling for a boy named Archer, who is already dating a girl that keeps getting Sophia in trouble. Oh.....and she finally finds out exactly who her dad is.....and she's not happy about it.

Now that is some drama. And the next one is due out March 1, 2011.

This book was GREAT! A quick and easy read. Go get it!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Body Finder

Author: Kimberly Derting

Alright, so I found this book off a Fan Page on Facebook. It's a new book that just came out this year and it's a GREAT read. It's about a girl named Violet who can sense dead bodies. Although that sounds really creepy - it's not a "dark" book. Her special sense extends to any dead body, human or animal. She calls what she senses "echos". And apparently her ability only extends to those who are murdered.

When she was eight, she found a little girl in the woods while on a walk with her father. She handled it fairly well - and apparently this ability runs in her family. Since then only her close family and her best friend, Jay, know what she can do. But when girls suddenly start disappearing and end up murdered, all Vi wants to do is help - no matter the cost.

This is more of a love story than anything. I highly enjoyed this book and I think you will too. Go on and order this book at your local library. I'm pretty sure once people find out about this author the wait for this book will increase. :)  And there is a sequel coming out March 2011 - although when she ended the first book, she didn't leave you hanging.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Meet Nick. A fourteen year old who knows it all. Living with only his mom (who happens to be a stripper) in a run down condo, Nick isn't Mr. Popular. He would love to be just like everyone else - who has money. His father is in prison and doesn't want anything to with him, and vice-versa.

Three of Nick's friends offer him a "look-out" job worth some major money. All he has to do is keep an eye out for cops. Nick figures it's easy cash (especially since his mom's not shaking her ass to make it) and since he's not technically doing anything illegal it'll be alright. Soon enough he realizes he's made a mistake. Nick saves the "Targets" from his friends only to wind up shot in the shoulder and beaten bad enough he has to stay in the hospital a while. He wouldn't have survived if wasn't for a stranger who has ninja moves. Pretty soon Nick learns a little about his rescuer and finds out the world isn't as easy going as he thought. Zombies, werewolf football captains, demon bodyguards and  immortal vampire slayers who would do anything to save humanity. Hmmm....oh yeah, and LOVE....kind of.

This was a fun book, easy read and there's another one due out beginning of next year!!

Sherrilyn Kenyon is also author of several other books all which have similar themes to this one. Check them out. If they are anything like this one, it should be a great read.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Cassandra Palmer Series: Touch the Dark

Author: Karen Chance

Cassandra Palmer- a clairvoyant and  able to communicate with spirits - lost her mom and dad when she was young. The man responsible for their horrific car accident took her into his home and raised her planning on being able to use her skills. He is a master vampire. Ruthless and hateful. She soon learned that he was using her premonitions to gain money and power instead of doing something to stop them, so she ran away - only to come back to get close enough to take him down, or at least try. Of course, now that couple years have gone by Tony has set his sites on her with no mercy in mind....

Cassie is soon thrust into a position she did NOT ask for, or even want for that matter. She is thrust into being Pythia. The chief clairvoyant for all things supernatural. She can time travel to right wrongs and change history. Of course this means the Vampire Senate wants her under their influence, and the Pythia Court doesn't want her at all, and of course there's these crazy people called War Madges - or the Silver Circle- who would like to order her around. What she would give for a normal life....

So far there are four books published for this series, number five comes out June 2011. If you go to her website by clicking on her name at the top of this post you can pick out a book and read the first two chapters in all her books to see if this is something you would enjoy.

Now get to reading!!

The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud

Author: Ben Sherwood

So most of you out there know this book is now a movie. I requested this particular book about 2 months ago from the library and finally got it last week. I read it yesterday, you know-Sunday afternoon and all, and absolutely loved it!!

Charlie St. Cloud lost his brother to an auto accident. The 16-wheelers driver was drunk and they just couldn't get out of the way. Charlie and Sam made a promise to each other. They would ALWAYS be together - but then Charlie disappeared in front of Sam. Turns out Charlie was saved, brought back from death. Now, he can see his little brother, even play ball or swim with him. Ten years later Charlie is still working and managing the graveyard. He spends his days helping other spirits come to terms with what happened to them just waiting for sundown when his little brother shows up to play.

You may be wondering - does Charlie St. Cloud have a life outside the cemetery?? Well....he does find hope in a woman named Tess. But, their relationship is something else. The best way I can describe it is to use the quote from the beginning of the book:
We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience
                - Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

I suggest you go ahead and get on your library's waiting list for this book. The best part about it is it's all in one. You won't find yourself waiting around impatiently for the next one, like I often find myself. :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fever Series: Darkfever

Author: Karen Moning
Click here for her website

Karen Moning is also the author of the Highlanders Series. In this series her character MacKayla Lane, Mac for short, gets a wake up call in the worst way. Her sister and best friend in the world is murdered while in Dublin. Mac find a cryptic message on her cell phone from her sister just hours before she was murdered. Her sister says that there was so much she should have told her, that she's sorry she didn't get the chance to tell her who she is or what powers she holds, but she has to find this book. It's the key to it all and she knows where it is but it's up to Mac to get it....then the line goes dead. The book is an ancient Dark Book. It has powers that will give whoever holds it complete control over both the human and Fae worlds. After getting that message Mac decides to go to Dublin to start her own investigation and finds out to soon that she is in WAY over her head. Being a Sidhe-seer isn't what she wanted to be....

Jericho Barron's (sidhe-seer) - handsome in his own right - but Mac just isn't sure he can be trusted. Though he hasn't lied to her, she knows he's not telling her the whole truth either. But for now - they are stuck with each other. They seem to work well as a team and for all purposes trust each other enough to protect the other ones back.

V'lane - an alpha Fae who makes sex an addiction for human women- who also says he's trying to help Mac. Of course she doesn't believe him due to the fact every time they meet she somehow finds herself trying to strip her clothes off simply by being near him.....not a very trust worthy start if you ask me.

This book is great. A lot of action, drama, and easy to read. There are four books out so far with the next one due out January 18, 2011.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Moon Sworn: A Riley Jenson Guardian Novel

Author: Keri Arthur

This is the latest book in the Riley Jenson Guardian series. I've been reading this series off and on since April. There are 8 books other than this one. I wrote about the first book in the series back in April and it was a great book - same as this one.

These are NOT young adult novels. Way to much sex and "stuff" going on - but I find them easy to get lost in. Riley is part special agent who kicks butt and part drama queen trying to figure out her love life. You'll always find yourself rooting for her. In this book she gets kidnapped by Blake. The Were who killed her Grandfather and took over the Jenson pack. Needless to say - Riley is trapped with memories she know are false, but not why they are false. She knows she only has a week to live, at least according to the voice that's in her head. Seven days to figure out what's going on and who she can trust.

I find these book are a lot of fun. The characters are NOT ones you can forget. Try them out. At the very least they will keep you occupied for a while.

Revelations: a Blue Bloods novel

Author: Melissa De La Cruz

This is the third book in the Blue Bloods Series. If you haven't read the first two then DO NOT read anymore!!

Schuyler Van Alen has been made to move into Jack and MiMi's house. Their father challenged the "red blood" courts for custody after her "grandmother" past away after an attack from a Silver Blood. Sky is less than happy about her living situation. Between being completely ignored by Jack (her crush) and then stolen from by MiMi; she'd much rather be living back at her home with her granddad.

In Rio de Janeiro, an ancient place of power for all vampires, a battle is brewing and the Blue Bloods desperately need Schuyler on their side. But who does she trust?? Even Kingsley is back in this story, on the right side of the law as it were.

And now that Oliver is bound to her (as well as in love) she has to decide whether chasing her crush is worth the heartache of seeing Oliver in pain.

These are great easy reads!! Go pick them up.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the short second life of bree tanner

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Alright. Just finished reading the book and it was good. My neighbor brought it down at dinner and I had it finished before I put my kids to bed. Really short read, but it's pretty cool to get to know a character more in depth from what was given to you in the Twilight Saga.

The story is all about Bree and the newborn vampires that were hunting Bella - even though they didn't know they were hunting hunting Bella until right before they left for the fight. It talks briefly about her change into the vampire world and her new found camaraderie with another vampire in her coven. She soon learns there is more to this vampire life then what Riley has told them - but she's unsure as to who she can trust.

I wouldn't go out and buy it - but definitely borrow it from your local library. It's worth it.

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Author: Stieg Larsson

Alright, this book was difficult for me to jump into. The story itself was good over all (now that I'm done and can look back at the book in it's entirety), but I really had a hard time enjoying the read. I think maybe it's because it is translated from Swedish and somethings in language just do not transfer well into others. Anyway, I stuck with it and finally finished in fours days what I normally would have read in a day (when I'm really enjoying it).

I don't even know how to put into words what this story is really about so I'm just going to re-type what is on the inside jacket cover. Sorry ahead of time....but I just don't even know where to start:

"A spellbinding amalgam of murder mystery, family saga, love story, and a financial intrigue.
It's about Harriet Vanger, a young scion of one of the wealthiest families in Sweden....and about her octogenarian uncle, determinied to know the truth about what he believes is her murder.
It's about Mikael Blomkvist, a crusading journalist recently at the wrong end of a libel case, hired to get to the bottom of Harriet's disappearance...and about Lisbeth Salander, a twenty-four-year-old pierced and tattooed genius hacker possessed of the hard-earned wisdom of someone half her age - and a terrifying capacity for ruthlessness to go with it- who assists Blomkvist with the investigation. This unlikely team discovers a vein of nearly unfathomable iniquity running though the Vanger family, astonishing corruption in the highest echelons of Swedish industrialism - and an unexpected connection between themselves."

I know that Larsson wrote two subsequent novels after this before he died in 2004, but I'm not sure I'll read them right away. I'll get to them - just not in a real hurry. I'm a fan of the actual girl with the tattoo - so of course I've gotta follow along to see what becomes of her, but it may be awhile before that happens. I vote you give it a try, some of you may like it more than I did.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spirit Bound - A Vampire Academy Novel

Author: Richelle Mead


Okay guys. If you still haven't been able to read any of the Vampire Academy books you have really got to get to your local library or book store and get to reading. These books are great! I just finished reading the latest one to come out and was NOT disappointed. If you want to check out the gist of what the books are about - go click on the "March" section of the blog and read about it there. If you haven't read them, then don't read what I'm about to write because it may spoil some things for you. And as always, go check out the authors website. You can read an excerpt from each book in the series and it's enough to let you know if it's a series you would like.


Finally....the trials are about to take place. The last test before Rose can truly become a Guardian. Although she has given up hope to become Lissa's Guardian. Rose isn't really nervous about the trials. I mean seriously, she's been up against REAL Strigori in REAL life. Instructors just pretending to be the bad guys doesn't even compare. Rose is missing Dimitri. Especially today. She always envisioned him being here for her - not waiting out there in the world for her to leave the wards and security of the school so he can attack her. Maybe change her into a Strigori herself so they can live forever...together.

Needless to say Rose, of course, blows the trial tests out of the water. Some claim it to have been the best display of skill they have ever seen. And for Rose, to know that her mother and her father were both able to see it, was great.

But now it's official. School is over. Rose cannot forget about Dimitri, although she's in a relationship with Adrian. But something she can't get out of her head. Dimitri could possibly be saved from his current condition. He might be able to be turned back to normal. The only problem is that in order to find out how this is to be done, she's going to have to talk to Victor. The man who tried to kill her best friend Lissa, and her. But in order to talk to him - she has to break him out of prison. A high security prison - that she has to find in the first place.

Follow along as see if Rose is able to save Dimitri - or if all this work to save her lover/used to be teacher is in vain.

A great, great book! Please go and give them a try. You'll love them!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Blue Bloods

Author: Melissa De La Cruz

Yes, this is another book about vampires. But it's different then most. Schuyler Van Allen's ancestors came here on the Mayflower, and have been here ever since. Her mother is in a coma and her father died when she was little (there's a great story there, but you'll have to read the book to get it). She's been raised by her Grandmother, although she doesn't really feel loved by her. Sky, 15, attends a private school in NYC. Her best friend Oliver, or Ollie, also attends the same school. They've know each other since elementary school and haven't spent a day apart since.

A student at their school is killed. People talk about drug overdose - but Jack Force, the hottest guy in school according to Sky, doesn't believe that. The student was drained of blood, completely. In De La Cruz's version of "vampire world", vampires can only have 400 walking at any giving time. They have a blood bank where they keep a drop of blood from every vampire that's ever lived. Their "soul" (aka: drop of blood) gets injected into human fetus' so they have the knowledge of all their past lives once they reach a certain age and can access them. In order for them to "live" on, all that's needed is one drop of their blood to be saved. And since this student happened to be a vampire (although not everyone knew that) and she was drained completely - she's actually DEAD. No longer can she be "reborn".

Now an uproar has begun. Is there something out there hunting the "good" vampires?? Aren't they supposed to be immortal?? What could be so much stronger and deadlier than a vampire? Sky has started her journey in becoming a vampire - although she's technically the only "new" vampire in history. She's the result of a vampire (her mom) and a human (her dad). She's got no memories to help her understand what's happening. Only the advice of her grandma (old vampire) and her friend Ollie.

Fun book to get lost in. Very interesting twist on the whole vampire craze going on.


Author: Lisa McMann
Part of the Wake Trilogy

I know I haven't been writing in here a lot the past two months. But just so you know, it's because I've been reading the books within a series (mostly the Anita Blake Novels..which has like 18 books total) and I've already written about the first few of them. I figure if you like the first couple you'll keep on reading them so I don't do a "review" of the rest. And also it's summer break, so between swim lessons, summer camp and movies - it's kinda hard to get reading in as much as I used to. But I do still read - just not as much, which makes me sad :( . Now, on to the review.

So a couple months ago I read the first and second books in the Wake Trilogy. They are fairly small in comparison to what I normally read, and since it had been a while since I read them I figured I'd do the review on this book even though it's part of a series. Gone is the last book in the set.

Janie is a dream catcher. She has the ability to walk in people dreams and change them if they ask for help. Only problem is she can get sucked into them at any time. She has to put up guards in order to stay out of people dreams. In fact she can't even drive because someone in a house that's on the same street she travels down may be taking a nap and she can get sucked into it. In the last book Janie learned from a fellow dream catcher, that the more she uses her ability the more her body will deteriorate. By the age of 30 she could be blind and no longer have the use of her hands.

Cabel, Janie's boyfriend, is still by her side. Janie knows he's scared about their future. It's REALLY evident in his dreams, though she doesn't tell him that. Janie has a huge decision to make. Should she stay living with her mom and helping out the police as she's been doing using her gift. Or should she tell Cabel goodbye and live all alone without the chance to sucked into dreams unexpectedly??

Well it seems she makes her choice, until she finds her mom at a hospital. Only her mom isn't there for herself (although she is an alcoholic). Apparently Janie's father, the one who abandoned them, is in the hospital. She goes there to see him, but she gets sucked into one of the worst dreams she'll ever see....her fathers. Uncertain about her feelings toward her father, Cabel, her mom, her life, Janie seeks out to find herself the path she thinks will give her the best life.

This book is a quick and easy read. Check it out!

Radiant Shadows - A Wicked Lovely Book

Author: Melissa Marr

If you haven't had the chance to read Melissa Marr then I suggest you give her a try. She is an excellent writer. I've been able to read ALL three of her previous books; Wicked Lovely, Ink Exchange, and Fragile Eternity. The three I just listed are all about the Fae and the different Courts (ie. Summer, Winter, Dark) and the journey of one Fae who just learned she is to become the Queen of the Summer Court. They were all really fun to read. In her newest book, Radiant Shadows, you'll notice some of the same characters from her previous books - although there is no real need to read the others first. You'll still get the story without having read them.

Ani is half Fae and half part of The Hunt. Her father is the "Gabriel" for the Dark Court. He takes care of all the unmentioned bad stuff that no one wants to know about. Ani is growing to be more and more Fae as the years have passed so she doesn't feel she "fits" in with her pack. And her father's over protectiveness is starting to kill her - literally.

Devlin is a Fae who is also known as "The Bloody Hands". He's like the "Gabriel" of the Good Court. He follows orders from the Queen of Order. She has the ability to see the future, and anyone who posses a threat to Faeries is visited by Davlin, and doesn't survive. She sent him out many years ago to kill Ani - but he failed. His best friend requested that he not kill her. That he should spare her, so he does against better judgment.

Now they find themselves inside a night club. She has no clue who he is - only that he is attractive and Fae. He, of course, knows exactly who she is and cannot stop thinking about her. Anyway....there is A LOT of other drama going on within the story, which is excellent, but the main plot is about Devlin and Ani. Kind of a Romeo and Juliet romance. Great read!!!! Try it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If I Stay

Author: Gayle Forman

Just a warning. If you've ever had family that has been in the ICU or have been in a coma, then this book will be more to you than if you've never had to experience that. That being said - since I've had experience in this life with my brother being in a coma and being rushed off periodically for brain surgery's and such.....I absolutely thought this book was GREAT.

This story is about the life of Mia. It starts the day of the accident that killed the rest of her family. Now she is left behind in a "ghostly" state trying to figure out why she is being held here the way she is and reminiscing about her life with her laid back parents and her little brother.

I feel kinda silly telling you this - but it did make me cry at certain spots. But like I said, I've been through something like this for real - so it made me remember what it all felt like. I highly recommend this book.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

You Suck: A Love Story

Author: Christopher Moore

Tommy woke up a new man. Well, technically he didn't really wake up because he is a vampire now. Thanks to his hot little girlfriend who was recently turned by one too old vampire. He decides sleeping with her may have not been a good choice. To late now.

Now that he's changed he has to steer clear of the police, and his old group of friends. Otherwise they both could end up dead.

I wish I could write more for this book - but to do so would give to many fun things up and I don't want to give anything away. This book made me laugh while I was reading - which was great. I really enjoyed it. Check it out!!

The Last Song

Author: Nicholas Sparks

Oh My Word!! This was such a great little book. I loved it. A great love story to read and go through.

Ronnie Miller is being sent to her dads for the summer with her little brother. She would rather die than spend the summer at her fathers in North Carolina. He's the one who left them so why should she even bother with him. He doesn't really want them, right?? He reminds her of everything she doesn't want to be anymore. He was a concert pianist and a music teacher, her teacher to be exact. She hasn't touched a piano since he left.

Ronnie finds her father ALWAYS playing the piano when she is home. She thinks he's trying to trick her into playing. She doesn't realize playing the piano is a release for him. Ronnie finally makes friends both good and bad, and finds herself in more drama than when she was back home in New York City.

Nicholas Sparks wrote a wonderful story about finding your first true love, the love between parents and children and finding the strength to carry on when you really don't want to. I highly recommend you read this book. It was great!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Full Moon Rising: A Riley Jenson Gardian Novel

Author: Keri Arthur

Full Moon Rising
Kissing Sin
Tempting Evil
Dangerous Games
Embraced Darkness
The Darkest Kiss
Deadly Desire
Bound to Shadows
Moon Sworn

Meet Riley Jenson. Half Werewolf, half Vampire but ALL trouble. Riley comes from a wolf pack that her and her twin brother were kicked out of as soon as they reached adulthood. Being a half breed normally meant death within the pack - but since their mom was the daughter of the one in charge they were spared. Lucky them. Both Keri and her brother Rhoan work for a government agency called the Directorate. Rhoan is a Guardian. He hunts the bad un-humans and either tries to bring them in for punishment - or kills them. Riley however isn't a killer. She pushes the paperwork and helps the Guardians get information. Riley and her brother pretend to be married and lovers (though they are NOT). They have the same last name (everyone in the pack has the same last name) and it's easier than explaining that they both are half wolf and half vampire let alone TWINS. That just doesn't happen. Her brother got the more vampire will she got the more wolf.

When her brother turns up missing a week from the full moon Riley gets nervous. She can feel his pain and feel him when he is near her because they are twins and have that connection. She is determined to get her brother out of whatever trouble he is in. Along the way she meets a handsome vampire who shows up naked at their apartment door claiming to have amnesia but does remember that Rhoan was a friend and would help him. Riley doesn't tend to trust to anyone who shows up naked at her door (because it does happen often).

The characters in this book are wonderful. This story somewhere between love/sex story, government superheros and a woman with power she didn't know she had. All in all - a great read.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fever 1793

Author: Laurie Halse Anderson

So I know that this book is actually on some schools "summer reading" lists and I thought it was pretty good for being a historical novel.

This story is about the life of teenager, Matilda (Mattie) Cook. It's set in Philadelphia while the yellow fever was running like wild fire. You follow Matilda through the beginning of when the sickness arrives in Philly and you follow her until the end of the epidemic. Matilda lives with her mother and grandfather (both of whom contract the fever) and who seem to think they know what's best for her - while of course, she thinks they are nuts. For being what this story is about it actually shows you a lot about finding yourself and your confidence in stressful situations. It wasn't one of my favorite books I've read as of late, but it was still a good book.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Anita Blake Series

Author: Laurell K. Hamilton

I would list the books in this series - but there is more than 15 of them so if you want to see them all check out her website above. As of right now I'm on book number eight...and I have loved them all.

Anita Blake is just your typical 20 something making a living. She is an animator. She raises the dead for a living. You know, people who died before making a will and the family members left behind need one - or the police need to know who killed you if you were murdered. Anita does her share to help those in need. She is VERY good at what she does. She is a necromancer. Someone with an affinity for death. She is also called "The Executioner." She is a licensed vampire killer (as long as it's legal with all the proper warrants and such..you know, since the vampire are currently considered living things).

Anita doesn't like to go out after dark, but when she has too, she goes armed and dangerous. In the first book she has to go to a Vampire Strip Bar called Guilty Pleasures. Jean-Claude, the vampire who owns the bar, knows what Anita is. Necromancer and all. She's meet him before. He is very powerful, so she doesn't look him in the eyes. He could take over her mind if she did. But lesser vampires....she could stare at all day. Most of that protection is because of her affinity, and part is just being an animator. She is at the bar for a bachlerette party for her best friend. A vampire at the bar tries to take over a lady's mind. Although it's for fun - she is not a willing participant, which is against the law. The vampire is question uses magic on the rest of the audience, so they don't have the ability to see what Anita does. She makes a decision that may backfire on her. She confronts the vampire, in front of everyone. The fact that he can't use his mind games on her is what saves her.....at least until later.

I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed ALL of these books. I get lost in them so easily. It's great. I would tell you about each book I've read, but they all kind of run together since I didn't write this blog after everyone. But please take my word...they are fascinating.

And just so you know, each book is it's own story so you don't HAVE to read them in order. But you will miss out on some character development if you skip around.

Have Fun!!

Strange Angels

Author: Lili St. Crow

Strange Angels
Jealousy -coming July 2010

Alright, so Dru Anderson at 16 year old girl who knows how to kick butt, take names and can feel magic around her. She knows when something evil is on her path but she doesn't always act on these feelings. Her mom died when she was little. Now, her dad, one of a few who hunt things that go bump in the night, has become a zombie. Dru is now being hunted and she doesn't know why or who is doing this to her....until she meets Christophe. A djamphir, who hunts bad vampires - like the one trying to get Dru. He tells her he is her guardian angel...but she's not so sure.

Dru doesn't know Christophe, at all. But he knows to much about her family for her to feel comfortable around him. He knew her daddy, knew of her mother. Why?? Christophe tells her it's because the magic Dru has in her is from her mom - not her dad or grandma like she always thought. Female djamphirs are rare, very rare. Her mom was one, or so Chris tells her. That means Dru is one too (unbelievable). And after remembering the few last moments of her moms life she starts thinking he is right. Now what...

The books starts a little slow for my taste, but by chapter three it picks right up and throws you into a great story. I enjoyed it.

May 16, 2010 -

Alright. I just finished reading the second book in the series and it was really good. I liked it a lot better than the first one. But I think that's because it just dumps you off into the middle of things instead of trying to fill you in on history and everything. Dru is becoming more into her potential and is so confused by both Graves and Christophe. She cares for both of them - but in completely different ways. And now she learns about "Ash". The werewolf who bit Graves and changed him. Ash has been protecting her from all the "bad" vampires coming to kill her and she's not sure why. But there is something in his eyes and she can't help the feeling of wanting to save him.

The next book comes out in July 2010 and I cannot wait for it to hit the shelves. :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Memoirs of A Scandalous Red Dress

Author: Elizabeth Boyle

I wasn't really looking to read a romance novel. Most of the time I think they are really cheesy. But this book was a suggested read out of the back of one the books I really enjoyed so I thought I'd give it a try. I was suprised to find I actually enjoyed the story.

I don't really know where to start so I think I'll just post what the author wrote on the back of the book. Maybe once I read a couple more of these type books I'll know where to begin...

What if all you have are the memories of a rake.... and the scandalous red dress that nearly brought you to ruin? Reminders of the kisses he stole? Or his seductive, rakish smile as he charmed his way into your bed, stole your innocence and your heart? To proper and respectable Philippa, Lady Gosset, such memories are best locked away. At least so she thinks, until a stranger arrives on her doorstep and offers her a chance to tempt fate once again....to tempt Dash back into her life and quite possibly into her bed....

But the man Pippen loved all those year ago and the man she discovers are hardly the same. Captain Thomas Dashwell has a score to settle with the now-unattached Lady Gossett, the vision in red who has haunted his life for so long - ever since that fateful night when she betrayed him and married another. She's the one woman he's vowed to hate until the end of his days...and the one woman he can never forget.....

Vampire Academy Novels

Author: Richelle Mead

Vampire Academy
Shadow Kiss
Blood Promise
Spirit Bound - coming May 18, 2010

In this series there are two types of vampires. Ones that are born, called Moroi. They do not kill to survive. They only take a little from willing blood donors. The Strigoi are made.They are the vampires who kill when they feed. Moroi can be made into Strigoi if they choose to kill. They lose their magic and turn Strigoi. All Moroi have specialize in some type of magic. Either wind, water, fire, or Earth.

With the Strigoi constantly after Moroi, the Moroi have bodyguards, Dhamphirs. These body gaurds are half-human and half-vampire. Lissa is a Moroi Princess and the last of her line. Her family was killed in a car accident. Her best friend Rose, who is a dhamphir, was also in the accident. Lisa saved Rose - though no one knows how. Apparently Lissa doesn't specialize in any of the four magics, but she does specialize in Spirit. That's how she saved Rose. She brought her back from the dead.....but now there's consequences for that as they soon find out.

Rose is bound to Lissa now. Not that she minds, she always wanted to be Lissa's protector. What better way to make that happen now that they are bound together?

The world Mead creates is awesome. She has wonderful characters and story plots. These books were a lot of fun to read, I think I read two in one day just because I couldn't put them down. The next book in the series comes out in about two months and I can't wait. If you go to her website you can read exerpts from each book and see what you think. ENJOY!!

Night Huntress Novels

Author: Jeaniene Frost

Fair warning......these are NOT young adult novels.

Halfway to the Grave
One Foot in the Grave
At Graves End
Destined for an Early Grave

On the cover of the first book in this series another author is quoted as saying, "Cat will have you staked in five seconds flat!".....and boy she wasn't lying. Catherine Crawfield is a half vampire. Her mother always told her that vampires are demons...all of them. Apparently her mother was taken advantage of from a newly turned vamp - which is how Cat came to be. She was born with almost all the "good" qualities of being vampire but without the blood lust. She can fight, run, smell, see, and hear almost as good as any vampire. And all those things are what make her a good vampire hunter. She can feel their power before she even sees them. That's how she makes her moves. She hunts them in bars and clubs. She waits patiently for them to come in and then she acts like any other human. Dancing for them, saying she wants to take it further...just not here. She takes them for a ride to some place with less habitation and then......she stakes them.

But this last time she went out "hunting" she meets a powerful vampire she could not convince to take that ride. So she went after another less powerful vamp. What she didn't know is that powerful one followed her, saw her kill the weaker one and didn't stop her. When they both show up to the same bar the following night he approaches her to take her up on her previous offer. She of course agrees thinking she can take down the devil....but he knows what she does. He captures Cat and demands to know who she's working for. He too is a vampire slayer, only he gets paid, and Cat killed who he was after. He doesn't understand how someone, especially a human, could just go out killing any and all vampires for no money. Not until she shows him that she too is half vampire does he believe her story....and now they have to figure out what to do. They are both on the same side of the law as it were, but he's still vampire and she hunts ALL vampires.

These books were a blast to read. Completely easy to get lost in. I highly recommend these. And Frost has 3 other books to add to this series however the next one isn't due out till February 2011....but I'm positive it's worth the wait.

All Unquiet Things

Author: Anna Jarzab

The murder of Carly Ribelli has never really been closed. Her uncle was charged with her murder, but his daughter who was also Carly's best friend, doesn't believe her father killed Carly. With new determination, Audrey has decided to investigate her cousins murder and find the real killer. With Carly's ex-boyfriend Neily finally deciding to help her with this task, they start uncovering secrets that some would rather keep hidden. With trouble after them they struggle forward trying to track down a killer who might get to them first....

The Hallows

Author: Kim Harrison

These are NOT young adult novels.

Dead Witch Walking
The Good, The Bad, and the Undead
Every Which Way but Dead
A Fist Full of Charms
For a Few Demons More

Meet Rachel Morgan. A witch and bounty hunter for the Inderland Security. She brings in all those otherworldly creatures who have devious plans and actions. She's a good "runner" for the I.S., but it seems like someone is trying to make her disappear. Lately she's only getting the bad jobs tossed at her. Ones that even a 1st year runner could do...and she's not sure why. Soon enough she finds herself in a partnership with Ivy, a beautiful vampire who is as dangerous as they come, and and pixy named Jinks, who can do just about anything. Harrison creates a world that is easy to get lost in and fun to take part with.

I've requested the rest of the series from the library and am waiting patiently for them to be available. As soon as I read them I'll update you. :)

The Anna Strong Novels

Author: Jeanne Stein

These are NOT young adult books..... just a warning.

The Becoming
Blood Drive
The Watcher

So if you got the opportunity to read the Sookie Stackhouse Novels and you liked them, you'll like these too. The Becoming: Anna Strong was a bounty hunter, and a good one. One night, she and her partner were after a guy who no one else could catch. Turns out he was a vampire. He attacked Anna after he beat up her partner. He didn't kill her though, she survived. But now.....she's a vampire. Follow along as she learns how to deal with her past and her future. Who to trust is key, and Anna learns that all to well by the end of the book.

In Blood Drive Anna and her parents are presented with an impossibility. When Anna was young her brother died. He had a girlfriend at the time who he was head over heals with, and apparently now that she has a daughter who she calls "out of control" - she finds Anna's family and tells them that her daughter is their family. Anna has her doubts about this woman, but without knowing if she is actual family or not - she vows to help find the runaway child. Anna finds her instincts about this woman are right. She made her daughter take part in things she should never even have known about, which is the reason she ran away in the first place. Anna also finds out there are other supernatural beings out there - like weres.

The Watcher: Anna has survived a lot of changes in a little time. She has signed up to be a Watcher. She keeps rogue vampire - among other supernatural beings- in check. She's is the judge, jury and executioner most of the time. And because of this she is having a hard time keeping her humanity in check. Anna is after a powerful Witch, one who threatened her new friends. Now, Anna is after a group who can possibly change the world in one night. She knows the danger is there, and she could possibly die, but she has to save her friends....and the rest of humanity.

I've read the other two books the series, but I figure your either interested in them by now and will read them anyway no matter what I write....or your not interested at all and it won't matter what I say. I really enjoyed these books and found them hard to put down.

Token of Darkness

Author: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Cooper Blake was a popular football player around his town. That is until the car accident. Since then life has changed. He can walk again, but only because a new friend refused to let him quit on himself. This new friend is named Samantha, and she happens to be a ghost. So far only Cooper can see Samantha. During this story follow Cooper while he tries to figure out how to help Samantha... and that presents more danger for the both of them than they realize.

Beautiful Creatures

Author: Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

In a southern community where nothing changes, Ethan cannot wait till he can escape the sleepy old town.But lately he's been dreaming of a beautiful girl he has never met. When Lena moves into the oldest plantation house in the town - Ethan is mysteriously drawn to her and realizes she is the girl from his dreams. He's determined to find out what the connection is between them. And apparently, this connection started way before these two were even born.

This is a love story at heart, along with some witchcraft and drama between friends, family and neighbors. It was a pretty decent book and they left it open for another. :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Vampire Diaries The Return: Nightfall

Author: L.J. Smith

So, if you watch the WB on television and have seen the new show "Vampire Diaries" - then you can follow along pretty easily since that show is based off these books.

Stefan, a vampire, and his "evil" brother Damon, are fighting over the same girl - Elena. Apparently in the last book Damon changed Elena to a vampire, then she died and became a spirit and is now back from the dead. Although she is alive, she is as childish as can be. Her body is the same as it was, but her mind is so pure and innocent.

Finally she awakens from her "spirit" life only to find herself in the middle of chaos. Damon has propositioned a demon to take his brother, Stefan, somewhere Elena cannot get to him or vice versa. He's hoping Elena would get over Stefan and finally accept him as her one true love....which doesn't happen. Damon has been possessed and can only have control of himself every so often. Follow along while they try to protect themselves and Elena's friends and townsfolk from the craziness that the demons are creating.

Cannot wait to read the next one.

Wake and Fade

Author: Lisa McMann

Janie has been given a gift, or curse, depending on how you look at it. She has the ability to step inside other people dreams. On the down side, it doesn't matter where she is when someone is dreaming, it could be at school, on the bus, in the shower, at the store - and she gets drawn into them. Most are silly, some are nightmares she wishes she could escape.

In Wake you meet her and follow her through dealing with her alcoholic mother and trying to deal with dreams. She has a dream of going to college, but with no money and not being able to even stay awake during regular school hours....it's a lost cause. She meets Cabel, a boy who lives down the street from her and finds something about him she just can't let go. She also meets another "Dream Catcher", and finally gets some answers on how to control her "powers".

In Fade, Janie goes undercover to help bust a sexual predator who may also be teacher at her school. She also discovers that her ability is going to take her eyesight away, so she should start looking forward to jumping into dreams just for the opportunity to see again. Cabel also learns of what is going to happen to her but loves her all to more for it.

Lisa McMann has a third book in this series which I haven't read yet called Gone. I hope to get it in the next few weeks from the library. Enjoy!

Shattered Mirror

Author: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Sarah Vida is a witch and the daughter of the most powerful vampire-hunting family in the world. She attends a new school where vampires are students. But the two vampires she meets are to weak to even read her aura to know who or what she is. Sarah takes comfort in being able to hide who she is, but now she is confused. Her mother always told her that life is black and white. Vampires are ALL bad and should NEVER be trusted. Now, since she's more or less befriended two vampires, she realizes her mom may be wrong.

Now, torn between breaking all the rules she was born to protect or killing the only two people who have ever really been her friends, she has to decide what to do.

Blood and Chocolate

Author: Annette Curtis Klause

In this book you meet Vivian. A 16 year old girl who ocassionally shifts into a wolf. You follow her and her pack from when they loose their leader in a fire (who is also Vivian's Dad) to when they move and try to start over.

She falls in love with a human. Of course that is taboo, so it's no wonder all the other males in her pack are upset with her for picking someone "outside" the family. She wants to tell him about herself, her life, and show him. But that can lead to disaster. She finds herself torn between her loyalties to her pack and to her heart.

This book was a fun read. Quick and easy.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sookie Stackhouse Novels

Author: Charlaine Harris

These are NOT books for Young Adults, just FYI. They have a lot of sexuality, violence and just plain craziness. Now, that being said....I LOVED THEM!!!

I will tell anyone to go buy these because I know I'll really enjoy them over and over again...so I figure you will too. There are 9 books in total so far, with number 10 coming out in May of this year. Harris creates this world that is easy to get lost in. These books are actually the HBO series Trueblood, so if you've ever seen that - you'll know a lot more. The series and the books almost exactly mirror each other...almost. You begin by meeting Sookie Stackhouse, a telepath from Bon Temps, Louisiana. You find that Vampires have "come out of the coffin" so to speak because a Japanese company formulated a synthetic blood that helps the vamps sustain life and that makes them no threat to human life anymore. Yeah, right.

Sookie cannot wait till she meets her first real vampire, and she does, at the bar she works at. Of course she ends up having to save him before the night is through from the Vampire drainers. These are the people who capture vampires and drain them of all their blood. Apparently vamp blood makes for happy, strong, fast humans and has quickly become the drug of choice with humans. Anyway, Vampire Bill is in her debt and ends up repaying her with the deaths of the two people she helped save him from. They tried to run him and Sookie over - I wouldn't think running over a supernatural being would ever be a good thing.

Also in these books you learn that there are more supes (supernatural being) out in the world than just vampires. And not everyone is happy about it. There is a "church" called "Fellowship of the Sun". They want to kill ALL vampires along with everyone who associates with them, so Sookie is on the hit list so to speak. Of course, it helps the werepeople, or two-natured humans, help get her outta there in time.

Sookie keeps getting deeper and deeper in with the vampires. More than she wanted, and all because she can read the minds of humans, most witches, werepeople, and the occasional vampire. The vamps "value" her talent because she can tell them when they are being lied to. Of course Sookie doesn't like telling them that, because that almost always means death to whoever the liar is....

These books were absolutely fabulous. Easy to get into, hard to put down. I cannot wait till May for next one to come out!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Midnight Predator

Author: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Every now and then I come across a book that I wish the author would create a sequel to, and this is one of those books! This story, although it involves vampires, is all about Turquoise. She is a teenager who was stolen by a vampire and made into a slave after the vampire, Lord Daryl, had killed her family. In this book most vampires are portrayed as ruthless and look at humans as cattle or slaves - but not all of them. You follow her as you learn why she became a Vampire Hunter, and a mercenary.

She and another "Hunter" are offered the same "job". Of course it involves them getting sold back into the slave trade in order to reach their intended target, which neither of them is looking forward too. Being beaten is not high on either of their lists of what they want to do. While waiting for the right time to take out the target, Turquoise finds herself at odds. She has finally realized that not ALL vampires are evil. Some almost come across as being human, which is why she can't kill them. This book was very enjoyable, I highly recommend it!!

In the Forests of the Night

Author: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Yes, it's another book about vampires. Only this one is more about the vengeance of one vampire in particular. Rachel was turned, against her will in the year 1701. Since then she has fought against what and who she is, until she finally realizes that she is as strong as any vampire out there, maybe even stronger. That includes the one who lured her, and the one who made her. Renamed Risika by her maker, this is her story. Your journey begins with the past, and jumps back a fourth between present time and her past. You begin to understand why Risika is the way she is. This is a good story about finding yourself and doing things you never thought you could, or would. This was a real quick easy read. Go out and get it.

The Silver Kiss

Author: Annette Curtis Klause

I do believe Stephenie Meyer would have found some inspiration from this book if she had read it. Which she may have, but I don't know for sure. Originally published in 1992, it was re-released in 2009 with a new cover and two more short stories focused on Simon (the vampire) and Zoe (the pretty girl).

Zoe's mom is on her death bed because of cancer. Her dad is spending all his time at the hospital which leaves Zoe alone for a lot of the time. Simon, a 300 year old vampire has come to town to hunt down an "evil" vampire, who happened to be his brother. So the story unfolds with teenage drama at every corner. Zoe comes across older for her age than most so she is who Simon finds irresistible to be around. Soon enough he breaks down and tells Zoe exactly what he is and she finds herself willing to help him hunt down his brother. What else does she have to lose anyway?? Her mom is dying and her dad doesn't know she exists.

I was really surprised reading this book. It was a very fast and enjoyable read. I highly recommend it. I already have requested more books by this author and am waiting patiently for them to become available.

And as a side note, this book has won several Best Book Awards. :)

Everlost and Unwind

Author: Neal Shusterman

Okay, so I haven't written on here for a while...but I have an excuse. First, I was sick, then my daughters were sick and eventually my husband was sick. I don't know about you, but I don't feel like doing anything when I'm sick nor do I have the opportunity to read when anyone else is sick. Lucky me, it looks like we are all better now! So....on to what I have read.

Neal Shusterman is not an author that I have read before. I figured I would try someone new. Both of these book are so different from what I'm used to. Everlost is basically about death and what happens if you get stuck in a limbo and don't "cross over". It is the story of two kids, Nick and Allie, who died in a car accident and their journey together since they bumped into each other "crossing over" and neither of them made to where they were going. Their souls are trapped in a world where they sink into the ground if the stop walking or there is not a "dead spot", otherwise know as a place where someone else died. Nick and Allie try to find older kids who have more knowledge of what this place is and what they can do to get to where they were going....or better yet, get back home. This book was really different, I've never even considered some of the possibilities that are presented in this book. All in all it was a good read.

In Unwind Shusterman confronts us with the possibility of what happens in a world where organ donors are not plentiful, but unmanageable kids are. Unwanted teens are unwound for body parts, and I mean ALL body parts. You meet Conner, a troublemaker whose parents are done dealing with him. An orphan named Risa who is to be unwound to cut costs at the orphanage, and last you'll meet Lev. Lev is a planned unwind, a tithe, because his parents NEVER stray from their strict religion. This is their story of trying to survive till the age of 18, because if they make it that long, they cannot be unwound. This was a great book. I highly recommend it.

Neal Shusterman has a lot of books and I plan on reading more of his along the way. Below is a link to his website. Enjoy!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wicked 2: Legacy & Spellbound and Wicked:Resurrection

Author: Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie

Normally I only do one "review" for a book series, but there was just too much going on for me to do that. If you find these books you'll understand. Each book, with the exception of the last, is two books in one.

Alright, so in the first Wicked book I told you about how Holly's life had been turned upside down. In the second book she finds herself wondering whether or not she is evil or good, dark or light. And she also wonders about Jer, the one warlock whom she loves.....and not because her ancestor Isabeau takes over her mind/body from time to time when Jer is taken over by his ancestor Jean. The two ancestors were once in love, that was after they were "married" by their respective feuding houses. Of course they both tried to kill each other wanting more power, which is partially why the feud still goes on in the present with Holly.

Along with her cousins Amanda and Nicole, who are also witches, they try their hardest to protect the ones they love. Holly discovers she is not sure that she wants to ask any God or Goddess for help because she's noticed there is a price to be paid when that is done. Holly tires of always having to make the "hard" decisions, especially those that concern her Coven.

The last book in the series takes you through what would be the Apocalypse if Holly's coven, with the help of others, is unable to defeat the "Black Magic" that is bolstering to take over the world. It has non-stop action going on the entire book... it never stops.

I thought these books were rather good. I warn you now, the first two are rather long so take your time or else you'll get lost and nothing will make sense. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wicked: Witch and Curse

Author: Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie

Okay, so this is a little different from what I've been reading. It's pretty good though. This book does have a lot of religious references in it from Wicca to Christianity so be prepared when you get to read it.

Holly Cathers is a typical teenager whose parents recently have been fighting, non stop, about everything. In an attempt to be a "normal" family they book a rafting trip and decide to bring Holly's best friend Tina along. Tragedy strikes as they raft down the river, everyone in her family and her best friend drown. Holly makes it to shore, only after having a horrible vision.

She wakes up to find herself in a hospital, surrounded by a person she knows nothing of. Her Aunt Marie-Claire. Holly knows it's the truth. Even though she's never even seen a picture of her Aunt she can see her father in his sisters eyes. Tina, her BFF that died in the rapids, her mom Barbara comes in and tells Holly that her mom wanted her to look after Holly if anything happened to them. Relieved that this means she will not have to move from San Fransisco to live with her Aunt in Seattle, she is a little happier. Maybe some parts of her life can stay the same...

Holly doesn't know it yet, but her life is about to get even harder. Apparently she comes from a family with a history in Witchcraft. Her family in particular, at one time, was a very powerful one. The only other person with this knowledge is Micheal, who happens to be from an opposing Warlock family who also has been sleeping around with Holly's aunt. Needless to say......Holly is about to have to grow up in a world she didn't know existed, and do it fast if she wants to live.

All of what I just told you happens in the first couple of chapters in the book. It's packed full of adventure. I'm already wanting to pick up the next one - so on that note I'll leave you, and get to reading.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Author: Carrie Jones
Eima Enjoyablity Rating: 8 out of 10

So you can get the gist of this book, I thought I would type out the inside jacket. It's a little weird to put into words otherwise.

"Zara White suspects there's a freaky guy semi-stalking her. She's also obsessed with phobias. And it's true, she hasn't exactly been herself since her step-father died. But exiling her to shivery Maine to live with her grandmother? That seems a bit extreme. The move is supposed to help her stay sane... but Zara's pretty sure her mom just can't deal with her right now.
She couldn't be more wrong. Turns out the semi-stalker is not a figment of Zara's overactive imagination. In fact, he's still following her, leaving behind an eerie trail of gold dust. There's something not right - not human - in this sleepy Maine town, and all signs point to Zara."

Alright, so now you kind of know what's going on on this story, it's not as easy to put down as you would think. Just so you can get your mind around it this book is all about lore, from Pixie's to Were people (or animals really). And of course, it's a love story.....as if there is anything else.

Definitely a quick, easy read. I really enjoyed the book, I suggest you try it out too. Oh, and I think Jones wrote a second book as a companion to this one that I plan on reading in the next few days.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Evernight Series

Author: Claudia Gray
Eima Rating: 9 out of 10 (just because the story hasn't ended yet)

Have you ever wondered if you could live forever, would you be able to keep up with the times?? I mean think about it. It wasn't that long ago we would have been in horse and buggy to travel, not a car. Microwaves hadn't been thought of and forget the Internet, TV, or any other electronic device that most of us have within ten feet of ourselves right this very minute. Even dialects have changed dramatically. Well, Evernight Academy is where you would find yourself if you were having trouble meshing into society. All anybody wants is to fit in, right?

Bianca is a 16 year old girl whose parents recently got teaching jobs at an over the top scary goth looking "reform" school, Evernight Academy. This school has been around for decades, no centuries, and that doesn't help the creepy factor. Bianca is not happy having been moved here for no other explanation from her parents other than they want her to be a more "rounded" person. Right off the bat she decides to run away. Well, not really run away, as she wouldn't want to put her parents through that, but she at least wants to make a point so they understand she does NOT want to be there. However, in her great escape she is tackled by Lucas, and pretty much falls in love the moment he touches her. Imagine a Romeo and Juliet kind of love story, but instead of feuding families, add vampires and vampire hunters to the mix......and you've got yourself a book you can't put down.

So far in the Evernight Series there are two books ready for your enjoyment. Evernight and Stargazer. The third book is on it's way to us and will be out March 9th of this year. So no waiting to long.

These books were very entertaining, and that is how I determine whether or not I share what I read. If I enjoy it, I assume a lot of other people will too. So go get in those libraries people and get these books, you won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Eima Rating: 10 out of 10

Okay everyone. After being overwhelmed by reading a lot of series type books that you just can't put down (i.e. Twilight, House of Night, Wicked Lovely) , this is the kind of book you have got to pick up and read. There's no left over questions, no lingering void of having to wait for the next one to come out. This was great.

One word, werewolf. I know, I know, you're tired of werewolves, vampires and other freaky people. But seriously guys, Stiefvater puts a whole new spin on the idea. Grace, the main character in the book has always watched the wolves that come around her house, especially the one with beautiful yellow eyes. You see when she was younger, she was attacked by these wolves - which technically means she too should be werewolf, but....she never changed.

Stiefvater creates a werewolf in which it's not anger that triggers their metamorphosis - but a change in temperature. Apparently the wolves in this book become furry and wild with the onset of winter, however come spring time, they are fully functioning teenagers or young adults who hold jobs and go to school.

The story is about the connection between Sam (werewolf) and Grace; and what they would do to save each other, even if it means death. Absolutely a wonderful escape!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Author: Amanda Marrone
Genre: Teen Horror
Warnings: Drug Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, Sex Abuse

Yes, this is another vampire book. Lately I've been buying my books, especially the ones I have a feeling that I'll love. Every now and then I come across an interesting book, but find myself unsure about purchasing said book. These are the books I get from the library. Uninvited is one of these borrowed books. The book itself is an incredibly fast read, 204 pages to be exact.

As I began to dive into the book, Marrone immediately had my attention. There was no "prelude" for you to read to have you brought up to speed before she started her tale. She just plops you right in the middle of it and explains things as you go along.

For an overview this story is about Jordan. A teenage girl who has "hands off" parents and really "lives it up" if you get my drift. Jordan however is now being haunted at night by her recently dead ex-boyfriend from a while ago who has become vampire. Now, if you're wanting the "Edward Cullen" version of vampire then DO NOT read this book. You will be sadly disappointed to find out that Michael (the now vampire) is completely psycho. The whole book consists of Jordan, her talks with Michael through her window as she refuses to invite him in, Jordan's friends and the parties they attend, and Jordan' s interaction with her mother, or rather lack there of.

I enjoyed this book, not a favorite and no possibility of movie magic happening - but still entertaining. I just wish Marrone had put more "action" through out the entire book. I think it could have been longer and had more impact.

Monday, January 4, 2010

House of Night series

  • Authored by: P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast
  • Warnings: Language, Sexuality, Religion smack-talk
  • Elementary School Readable: No
  • Middle School Readable: No (not my imaginary child)
  • High School Readable: Yes, you may want to have discussions
  • College Readable: Yes
  • Website: http://www.houseofnightseries.com/
If you're over vampyres, this is not the series for you. If you're up for a new spin on the same old game, this is a very swift read that you'll find difficult to put down. I read 3/4 of each book in the evening, and then the last 1/4 in the morning before work...and I read two in one weekend day.

This is very much a coming-of-age series. The heroine spends her high school years transitioning from a regular human into a vampyre and then into one of the most powerful vampyres ever.

We've read Marked, Betrayed, Chosen, Untamed, Hunted, and Tempted, and we're currently waiting for the next one to be published in April.