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Friday, December 17, 2010

Clockwork Angel - The Infernal Devices Book One

Author: Cassandra Clare

Tessa Gray has lost everything. At seventeen years old she's lost her Aunt and her brother. Her parents have long been dead. All alone, and now kidnapped by the Dark Sisters. They've claimed they have her brother, and she can save him if she does as they ask.

While being held captive Tessa learns that she's not just human. She's got a rare ability: the power to transform at will, into another person. The "Magister" wants the Dark Sisters to train Tessa so she can control her ability and claim her powers for himself. But before the ceremony can take place, a handsome and witty Shadowhunter breaks Tessa free.

Tessa is determined to find her brother, and go home to her "normal" life....but that's just not going to happen anymore. Not only is she far from "normal" now....she may just be discovering how dangerous love can be.


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