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Thursday, December 30, 2010

staying dead

Author: Laura Anne Gilman

Wren Valere specializes in finding things that have gone missing, or rather stolen. The "magical" world calls her a Retriever. Wren and Sergei are partners (or perhaps more??) in a business where he handles the money and finding clients and Wren handles completing the jobs. Up until now ALL of their jobs have been done to the satisfaction of their customers. But when a cornerstone of a building with a spell in it goes missing that changes, and Wren is the first Retriever the client calls...after of course, the Council.

Wren and Sergei have always done what they could to NOT be involved in ANY Council politics or otherwise in their business. But with this case they took...it looks more like they aren't going to be able to avoid them anymore.

As they go along their journey they finally realize that maybe neither of them would be happy without the other in their life. Of course having these feelings while in the middle of a job that could possibly end with one, if not both, of them dead is NOT the best time to figure this out....but I suppose it's better then never.

I know that this  may not be the best explanation for this book but it really was a good read. There are six books so far in her series and I plan on reading them all as they become available at my local library. I hope you enjoy!! Feel free to check out the authors website and you can get better descriptions of each book within the series.

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