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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Midnight's Daughter

Author: Karen Chance

Karen Chance is also the author of The Cassandra Palmer Series, which is also a great read. Midnight's daughter actually involves many of the same characters from the Cassandra Palmer Series. Dorina Basarab is a dhampir - half human, half vampire. She is also the daughter of Mircea, member of the Vampire Senate and highly powerful. Now, most dhampir die at a very young age from their uncontrollable rages. Dory has been able to control hers by only unleashing it on those who deserve it and having a roommate who is a null tends to help calm her anger.

With her best friend and roommate missing without a word, Dory is on the hunt for who has her. But her Daddy needs her help with a family problem. Her Uncle Dracula has escape from his prison and will soon be aiming for them both. Question is whether or not they will be prepared enough to fight him....and win.  Mircea proposes that Dory help Louis-Caesar with hunting down Dracula. In return he, along with the Senate, will help track down her roommate. Out of options and money - she reluctantly agrees to his plans in hopes she will soon find her best friend - and sanity again.

Karen Chance is a wonderful, fun author. Check out her website and you can read the first chapters from ANY of her books to see if you'll like them as much as me. Happy Reading!

P.S. I've ready requested the second book in this series. :)

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