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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bitten in Two

Author: Jennifer Rardin

This is book seven in Rardin's Jaz Parks Series. There will be only one more book, The Deadliest Bite, in this series. Not because it needs to end, but because Jennifer Rardin past away earlier this year. She was a very talented writer whom I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I hope you do as well...

I'm not planning on giving any spoilers to those of you who have yet to enjoy even one of the books in this series. The best way to describe Jaz Parks is to describe her the way Publishers Weekly did, "Fuses spy girl with vampire slayer". And although the vampires play a major role in Jaz's life - they are not the only "bad guys" in it. Demons, Weres, along with Witches and Warlocks make for interesting marks to be assassinating. And seeing as she is the best assassin our government has.....well, it makes sense that Jaz really enjoys a good fight, and since she's partnered with one of the oldest vampires she knows (who happens to be a good guy), there's no question trouble will find them both.

I've really enjoyed losing myself in these book over the past few months. If you've liked any of the previous books I've recommended, I know you will too.

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