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Friday, December 17, 2010

Spider's Bite : An Elemental Assassin Book

Author: Jennifer Estep

Spider is THE most fear assassin in the South. As a Stone Elemental, Spider has the ability to hear the whispers from stones and gravel to know without a doubt if anything is wrong. Spider's real name is Gin Blanco. And when she's not out on an assignment - she's cooking up some yummy food at the Pork Pitt with her handler and Foster Father, Fletcher Lane.

Fletcher has an assignment for Gin. He wants it to be the "last" one for, so she can retire from the business. She decides to take it. While she's hiding in the shadows biding her time she notices Detective Donovan Caine talking to her mark. Curious about this new development she decides to wait on killing who she's there for...which was a mistake.

Now, she's on the run from the local police, from fellow assassins, and from a crazy Air Elemental hell bent on having ALL the power she find.

Drama, Romance, Comedy.....what else could you ask for??

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