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Sunday, November 7, 2010


Author: Paula Morris

Rebecca Brown is being shipped off to her crazy Aunt Claudia's while her Dad has work to do in China. Not only is she being ripped out of NYC and being sent to New Orleans...but she's also having to switch schools.

At her new school, Rebecca is treated like she's invisible. At least to everyone besides Anton Grey, the cutest guy at the school. But she's not sure he's being "real" with her. Then, late one night, Rebecca makes a friend. Only there's a catch...she's a ghost. Her name is Lisette and she lived a long time ago. But she's got a serious score to settle with some of the local, present families.

As Rebecca learns more about Lisette and her own past, she finds the two of them are on a journey NO ONE can derail. Can she help settle the score so Lisette can be at rest???

This book is a swift, fun read. It is a young adult novel so no worries about age appropriateness if you have teens who'd like to read it. Great read.....go pick it up!

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