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Thursday, November 4, 2010

First Drop of Crimson

Author: Jeaniene Frost

Frost is also the author of  The Night Huntress Series. Which were awesome as well. If you haven't read them - check them out too.

This book is a "spin-off" from her Night Huntress Series. Cat's best friend, Denise, is in a bit of a predicament. A Demon has been killing off her family members. This, just after losing her husband to vampire's and a miscarriage from losing her husband. Denise promised herself she'd swore off the world that involved vamps - but she's got no one else to turn to but Cat, her best friend who happens to be half-vampire.

In trying to contact Cat for help, she calls Spade. The only vampire she knows who hasn't changed his phone number. She tells him what she's learned. That a demon is after her family. Apparently her long ago relative made a deal with him to become powerful, then sent him back to hell. Now the demon is back with vengeance. Not only is Denise branded by the demon, but she can also shape-shift due to this new power that came with her branding....and she HAS to find her relative or the demon will KILL ALL of her family.

Spade wants to help. He's been drawn to Denise since the first time he laid eyes on her more than a year ago. But back then he couldn't act on his feelings. She was married and her best friend was his best friends mate. But now, she's a widow, she needs help and he wants to keep her safe. But even if they can find her relative, what will keep the demon from killing her too, or anyone else? Denise is tired of watching everyone she cares about die. She wants to help..... even if it will kill her.

Great, fun read. Easy to get lost in. :)

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