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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Author: Lauren Kate

This is the second book in the Fallen Series. Luce is shipped off to another school called Shoreline. Both Daniel (the love of her life who happens to be a fallen Angel but who sides with God) and Cam (another fallen Angel who does NOT side with God and is a constant thorn in her side) agreed that this would be the safest place for Luce right now. With a war about to happen, they both want her safe.

While at Shoreline, Luce learns what the strange shadows are that have been following her since she was little. She also learns how to manipulate them to see what messages they hold for her. While she's told that these shadows only tell a version of the past, it may not be the whole truth. But what she learns about herself, and Daniel, has her wondering if they really are supposed to be together. She knows she loves him with her whole self...but is that enough?? Her friends keep dying or getting hurt, because of them. And one shadow shows her things that rock her to her very core.

She also makes two new friends at Shoreline. Miles and Shelby. Although Miles is attractive, she doesn't start off seeing him that way. I mean, she loves Daniel. Always has though ALL their lives together. But something changes in Luce that she can't explain. And all of a sudden Cam is protecting her like he cares about her. She's so confused. She wants to know more about her past lives and she's determined to find out, with or without help.

Fun, fun read guys. Go pick it up. The next book in the series is called "Passion" and is due out Summer 2011.

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