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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Death's Mistress

Author: Karen Chance

Ohhhh....where to start. I ♥ Karen Chance. I have previously read her Cassandra Palmer series and LOVED them, so I figure when she branched off that and started writing the Dorina Basarab series who was I to resist? Death's Mistress is the second novel in the series. The first is Midnight's Daughter which I read in December.

So we continue with the story of Dori, a dhampir, and daughter to one of the most powerful Senate members alive (if you could call a vampire alive). Now that she agreed to work with the Senate dispatching those they see worthy of death, she's got a steady paycheck, people to kill and she couldn't be happier.

When her best friend Claire shows up one night in a form that Dori is NOT used to, things start to change. The Fae that almost killed her is coming after Claire and her son, the heir to the Fae Thrown. Claire decides to let Dori help her find the relic that should prevent anyone from harming her son, ever. The only thing is, not everyone  is convinced that it's Claire and the boy he's after.

With a new mission from the Senate, trying to help Claire, trying to stay alive and worrying over Louis-Cesare....Dori's got a lot to take care of. Only NO ONE will give her ALL the facts of who she's chasing or why. Making her job more difficult and deadly for her.

You guys...this book is soooo much fun. Go check out her website. You can preview the first couple of chapters in any book she's written.

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