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Monday, January 24, 2011

Curse the Dark: A Retreivers Novel

This is is the second book in Laura Anne Gilman's Retrievers Series. I read the first one back in December called Staying Dead.

So we start where we left Wren and Sergei in the last book. Confused as to what their "personal" relationship really is and really frustrated to what their professional lives have become. After their last job, no one is coming to them for retrievals anymore. With her bank account dwindling and no work coming her way they cannot say no to the only job that presents itself...even if it is with the Silence. At least they are a guaranteed paycheck...

So now her and Sergei are on their way to Italy to track a mystical piece of parchment that could possibly make either of them disappear, if they happen to actually view what's written on it.

Wren is pushed to her limit by the time all is said and done...in all things physical, mystical, and mental.

This was a great, fun, easy read guys. I plan on checking out the next one after I finish some of what is waiting for me on my night stand.


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