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Friday, January 28, 2011

Taken by the Others: An H&W Investigations Novel

Author: Jess Haines

This is the second book in this series. The first book called Hunted by the Others, I read in December.

Shiarra Waynest is a P.I. in New York City. Her main concern used to be just making sure her business had enough money to stay afloat. Now, her main concern is staying alive. Max Carlyle has come in to town looking for revenge. Apparently he's picked Shia as his target because he blames her for the death of his progeny. And on top of that Max and Alec Royce (the vampire she's contractually bound to and leader of the city) already have a dodgy past that may come back to haunt Shia....

On top of all this, the White Hats (a human anti-other group) is pressuring Shia to join their cause in eliminating ALL others. Shia of course cannot join his group. Her boyfriend is a were, she's bound to a powerful vampire and she's finding unexpected shades of grey in what she used to believe about Others. Not all of them are evil. Many are only out of control when provoked. But most are just normal citizens who have lives, families, children even....and they do not deserve to be slaughtered like the White Hats want.  

Jess Haines is a very entertaining author. Go check out her website and you can read the first chapters from these books. The third book in the series will be out July 5, 2011!

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