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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Persistence of Memory

I've read several other books written by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes and they were all pretty good. For a young author, I think she's excellent and will only get better. 

In this book we meet Erin Misrahe. A sixteen year old girl who suffers with schizophrenia from what most doctors say. She also has a tendency to panic which brings out her alter-ego named Shevaun. Shevaun is a violent ego who can and will hurt anyone around her. 

After having grown up in mental hospitals Erin has finally been rewarded with the chance at a normal life. Going to an actual Public High School. But as she watched her friend transform into a cat, Erin believes she's completely lost it...until her one time romance suddenly makes an appearance and hopes to help set her straight. 

Turns out Shevaun is NOT just an alter-ego, but a living person who's hundreds of years old. And now that she and her "family" realize that Erin is real too...they set out to find her and sever the link between them, even if that means Erins death....

Great young adult novel guys. Go check it out at your local library! 

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