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Friday, June 18, 2010

Blue Bloods

Author: Melissa De La Cruz

Yes, this is another book about vampires. But it's different then most. Schuyler Van Allen's ancestors came here on the Mayflower, and have been here ever since. Her mother is in a coma and her father died when she was little (there's a great story there, but you'll have to read the book to get it). She's been raised by her Grandmother, although she doesn't really feel loved by her. Sky, 15, attends a private school in NYC. Her best friend Oliver, or Ollie, also attends the same school. They've know each other since elementary school and haven't spent a day apart since.

A student at their school is killed. People talk about drug overdose - but Jack Force, the hottest guy in school according to Sky, doesn't believe that. The student was drained of blood, completely. In De La Cruz's version of "vampire world", vampires can only have 400 walking at any giving time. They have a blood bank where they keep a drop of blood from every vampire that's ever lived. Their "soul" (aka: drop of blood) gets injected into human fetus' so they have the knowledge of all their past lives once they reach a certain age and can access them. In order for them to "live" on, all that's needed is one drop of their blood to be saved. And since this student happened to be a vampire (although not everyone knew that) and she was drained completely - she's actually DEAD. No longer can she be "reborn".

Now an uproar has begun. Is there something out there hunting the "good" vampires?? Aren't they supposed to be immortal?? What could be so much stronger and deadlier than a vampire? Sky has started her journey in becoming a vampire - although she's technically the only "new" vampire in history. She's the result of a vampire (her mom) and a human (her dad). She's got no memories to help her understand what's happening. Only the advice of her grandma (old vampire) and her friend Ollie.

Fun book to get lost in. Very interesting twist on the whole vampire craze going on.

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