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Friday, June 18, 2010

Radiant Shadows - A Wicked Lovely Book

Author: Melissa Marr

If you haven't had the chance to read Melissa Marr then I suggest you give her a try. She is an excellent writer. I've been able to read ALL three of her previous books; Wicked Lovely, Ink Exchange, and Fragile Eternity. The three I just listed are all about the Fae and the different Courts (ie. Summer, Winter, Dark) and the journey of one Fae who just learned she is to become the Queen of the Summer Court. They were all really fun to read. In her newest book, Radiant Shadows, you'll notice some of the same characters from her previous books - although there is no real need to read the others first. You'll still get the story without having read them.

Ani is half Fae and half part of The Hunt. Her father is the "Gabriel" for the Dark Court. He takes care of all the unmentioned bad stuff that no one wants to know about. Ani is growing to be more and more Fae as the years have passed so she doesn't feel she "fits" in with her pack. And her father's over protectiveness is starting to kill her - literally.

Devlin is a Fae who is also known as "The Bloody Hands". He's like the "Gabriel" of the Good Court. He follows orders from the Queen of Order. She has the ability to see the future, and anyone who posses a threat to Faeries is visited by Davlin, and doesn't survive. She sent him out many years ago to kill Ani - but he failed. His best friend requested that he not kill her. That he should spare her, so he does against better judgment.

Now they find themselves inside a night club. She has no clue who he is - only that he is attractive and Fae. He, of course, knows exactly who she is and cannot stop thinking about her. Anyway....there is A LOT of other drama going on within the story, which is excellent, but the main plot is about Devlin and Ani. Kind of a Romeo and Juliet romance. Great read!!!! Try it.

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