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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spirit Bound - A Vampire Academy Novel

Author: Richelle Mead


Okay guys. If you still haven't been able to read any of the Vampire Academy books you have really got to get to your local library or book store and get to reading. These books are great! I just finished reading the latest one to come out and was NOT disappointed. If you want to check out the gist of what the books are about - go click on the "March" section of the blog and read about it there. If you haven't read them, then don't read what I'm about to write because it may spoil some things for you. And as always, go check out the authors website. You can read an excerpt from each book in the series and it's enough to let you know if it's a series you would like.


Finally....the trials are about to take place. The last test before Rose can truly become a Guardian. Although she has given up hope to become Lissa's Guardian. Rose isn't really nervous about the trials. I mean seriously, she's been up against REAL Strigori in REAL life. Instructors just pretending to be the bad guys doesn't even compare. Rose is missing Dimitri. Especially today. She always envisioned him being here for her - not waiting out there in the world for her to leave the wards and security of the school so he can attack her. Maybe change her into a Strigori herself so they can live forever...together.

Needless to say Rose, of course, blows the trial tests out of the water. Some claim it to have been the best display of skill they have ever seen. And for Rose, to know that her mother and her father were both able to see it, was great.

But now it's official. School is over. Rose cannot forget about Dimitri, although she's in a relationship with Adrian. But something she can't get out of her head. Dimitri could possibly be saved from his current condition. He might be able to be turned back to normal. The only problem is that in order to find out how this is to be done, she's going to have to talk to Victor. The man who tried to kill her best friend Lissa, and her. But in order to talk to him - she has to break him out of prison. A high security prison - that she has to find in the first place.

Follow along as see if Rose is able to save Dimitri - or if all this work to save her lover/used to be teacher is in vain.

A great, great book! Please go and give them a try. You'll love them!

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