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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Author: Amanda Marrone
Genre: Teen Horror
Warnings: Drug Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, Sex Abuse

Yes, this is another vampire book. Lately I've been buying my books, especially the ones I have a feeling that I'll love. Every now and then I come across an interesting book, but find myself unsure about purchasing said book. These are the books I get from the library. Uninvited is one of these borrowed books. The book itself is an incredibly fast read, 204 pages to be exact.

As I began to dive into the book, Marrone immediately had my attention. There was no "prelude" for you to read to have you brought up to speed before she started her tale. She just plops you right in the middle of it and explains things as you go along.

For an overview this story is about Jordan. A teenage girl who has "hands off" parents and really "lives it up" if you get my drift. Jordan however is now being haunted at night by her recently dead ex-boyfriend from a while ago who has become vampire. Now, if you're wanting the "Edward Cullen" version of vampire then DO NOT read this book. You will be sadly disappointed to find out that Michael (the now vampire) is completely psycho. The whole book consists of Jordan, her talks with Michael through her window as she refuses to invite him in, Jordan's friends and the parties they attend, and Jordan' s interaction with her mother, or rather lack there of.

I enjoyed this book, not a favorite and no possibility of movie magic happening - but still entertaining. I just wish Marrone had put more "action" through out the entire book. I think it could have been longer and had more impact.

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