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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wicked: Witch and Curse

Author: Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie

Okay, so this is a little different from what I've been reading. It's pretty good though. This book does have a lot of religious references in it from Wicca to Christianity so be prepared when you get to read it.

Holly Cathers is a typical teenager whose parents recently have been fighting, non stop, about everything. In an attempt to be a "normal" family they book a rafting trip and decide to bring Holly's best friend Tina along. Tragedy strikes as they raft down the river, everyone in her family and her best friend drown. Holly makes it to shore, only after having a horrible vision.

She wakes up to find herself in a hospital, surrounded by a person she knows nothing of. Her Aunt Marie-Claire. Holly knows it's the truth. Even though she's never even seen a picture of her Aunt she can see her father in his sisters eyes. Tina, her BFF that died in the rapids, her mom Barbara comes in and tells Holly that her mom wanted her to look after Holly if anything happened to them. Relieved that this means she will not have to move from San Fransisco to live with her Aunt in Seattle, she is a little happier. Maybe some parts of her life can stay the same...

Holly doesn't know it yet, but her life is about to get even harder. Apparently she comes from a family with a history in Witchcraft. Her family in particular, at one time, was a very powerful one. The only other person with this knowledge is Micheal, who happens to be from an opposing Warlock family who also has been sleeping around with Holly's aunt. Needless to say......Holly is about to have to grow up in a world she didn't know existed, and do it fast if she wants to live.

All of what I just told you happens in the first couple of chapters in the book. It's packed full of adventure. I'm already wanting to pick up the next one - so on that note I'll leave you, and get to reading.

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