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Friday, January 8, 2010

Evernight Series

Author: Claudia Gray
Eima Rating: 9 out of 10 (just because the story hasn't ended yet)

Have you ever wondered if you could live forever, would you be able to keep up with the times?? I mean think about it. It wasn't that long ago we would have been in horse and buggy to travel, not a car. Microwaves hadn't been thought of and forget the Internet, TV, or any other electronic device that most of us have within ten feet of ourselves right this very minute. Even dialects have changed dramatically. Well, Evernight Academy is where you would find yourself if you were having trouble meshing into society. All anybody wants is to fit in, right?

Bianca is a 16 year old girl whose parents recently got teaching jobs at an over the top scary goth looking "reform" school, Evernight Academy. This school has been around for decades, no centuries, and that doesn't help the creepy factor. Bianca is not happy having been moved here for no other explanation from her parents other than they want her to be a more "rounded" person. Right off the bat she decides to run away. Well, not really run away, as she wouldn't want to put her parents through that, but she at least wants to make a point so they understand she does NOT want to be there. However, in her great escape she is tackled by Lucas, and pretty much falls in love the moment he touches her. Imagine a Romeo and Juliet kind of love story, but instead of feuding families, add vampires and vampire hunters to the mix......and you've got yourself a book you can't put down.

So far in the Evernight Series there are two books ready for your enjoyment. Evernight and Stargazer. The third book is on it's way to us and will be out March 9th of this year. So no waiting to long.

These books were very entertaining, and that is how I determine whether or not I share what I read. If I enjoy it, I assume a lot of other people will too. So go get in those libraries people and get these books, you won't be disappointed.

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