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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Anna Strong Novels

Author: Jeanne Stein

These are NOT young adult books..... just a warning.

The Becoming
Blood Drive
The Watcher

So if you got the opportunity to read the Sookie Stackhouse Novels and you liked them, you'll like these too. The Becoming: Anna Strong was a bounty hunter, and a good one. One night, she and her partner were after a guy who no one else could catch. Turns out he was a vampire. He attacked Anna after he beat up her partner. He didn't kill her though, she survived. But now.....she's a vampire. Follow along as she learns how to deal with her past and her future. Who to trust is key, and Anna learns that all to well by the end of the book.

In Blood Drive Anna and her parents are presented with an impossibility. When Anna was young her brother died. He had a girlfriend at the time who he was head over heals with, and apparently now that she has a daughter who she calls "out of control" - she finds Anna's family and tells them that her daughter is their family. Anna has her doubts about this woman, but without knowing if she is actual family or not - she vows to help find the runaway child. Anna finds her instincts about this woman are right. She made her daughter take part in things she should never even have known about, which is the reason she ran away in the first place. Anna also finds out there are other supernatural beings out there - like weres.

The Watcher: Anna has survived a lot of changes in a little time. She has signed up to be a Watcher. She keeps rogue vampire - among other supernatural beings- in check. She's is the judge, jury and executioner most of the time. And because of this she is having a hard time keeping her humanity in check. Anna is after a powerful Witch, one who threatened her new friends. Now, Anna is after a group who can possibly change the world in one night. She knows the danger is there, and she could possibly die, but she has to save her friends....and the rest of humanity.

I've read the other two books the series, but I figure your either interested in them by now and will read them anyway no matter what I write....or your not interested at all and it won't matter what I say. I really enjoyed these books and found them hard to put down.

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