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Monday, February 22, 2010

The Vampire Diaries The Return: Nightfall

Author: L.J. Smith

So, if you watch the WB on television and have seen the new show "Vampire Diaries" - then you can follow along pretty easily since that show is based off these books.

Stefan, a vampire, and his "evil" brother Damon, are fighting over the same girl - Elena. Apparently in the last book Damon changed Elena to a vampire, then she died and became a spirit and is now back from the dead. Although she is alive, she is as childish as can be. Her body is the same as it was, but her mind is so pure and innocent.

Finally she awakens from her "spirit" life only to find herself in the middle of chaos. Damon has propositioned a demon to take his brother, Stefan, somewhere Elena cannot get to him or vice versa. He's hoping Elena would get over Stefan and finally accept him as her one true love....which doesn't happen. Damon has been possessed and can only have control of himself every so often. Follow along while they try to protect themselves and Elena's friends and townsfolk from the craziness that the demons are creating.

Cannot wait to read the next one.

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