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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sookie Stackhouse Novels

Author: Charlaine Harris

These are NOT books for Young Adults, just FYI. They have a lot of sexuality, violence and just plain craziness. Now, that being said....I LOVED THEM!!!

I will tell anyone to go buy these because I know I'll really enjoy them over and over again...so I figure you will too. There are 9 books in total so far, with number 10 coming out in May of this year. Harris creates this world that is easy to get lost in. These books are actually the HBO series Trueblood, so if you've ever seen that - you'll know a lot more. The series and the books almost exactly mirror each other...almost. You begin by meeting Sookie Stackhouse, a telepath from Bon Temps, Louisiana. You find that Vampires have "come out of the coffin" so to speak because a Japanese company formulated a synthetic blood that helps the vamps sustain life and that makes them no threat to human life anymore. Yeah, right.

Sookie cannot wait till she meets her first real vampire, and she does, at the bar she works at. Of course she ends up having to save him before the night is through from the Vampire drainers. These are the people who capture vampires and drain them of all their blood. Apparently vamp blood makes for happy, strong, fast humans and has quickly become the drug of choice with humans. Anyway, Vampire Bill is in her debt and ends up repaying her with the deaths of the two people she helped save him from. They tried to run him and Sookie over - I wouldn't think running over a supernatural being would ever be a good thing.

Also in these books you learn that there are more supes (supernatural being) out in the world than just vampires. And not everyone is happy about it. There is a "church" called "Fellowship of the Sun". They want to kill ALL vampires along with everyone who associates with them, so Sookie is on the hit list so to speak. Of course, it helps the werepeople, or two-natured humans, help get her outta there in time.

Sookie keeps getting deeper and deeper in with the vampires. More than she wanted, and all because she can read the minds of humans, most witches, werepeople, and the occasional vampire. The vamps "value" her talent because she can tell them when they are being lied to. Of course Sookie doesn't like telling them that, because that almost always means death to whoever the liar is....

These books were absolutely fabulous. Easy to get into, hard to put down. I cannot wait till May for next one to come out!

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