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Monday, September 13, 2010

Cassandra Palmer Series: Touch the Dark

Author: Karen Chance

Cassandra Palmer- a clairvoyant and  able to communicate with spirits - lost her mom and dad when she was young. The man responsible for their horrific car accident took her into his home and raised her planning on being able to use her skills. He is a master vampire. Ruthless and hateful. She soon learned that he was using her premonitions to gain money and power instead of doing something to stop them, so she ran away - only to come back to get close enough to take him down, or at least try. Of course, now that couple years have gone by Tony has set his sites on her with no mercy in mind....

Cassie is soon thrust into a position she did NOT ask for, or even want for that matter. She is thrust into being Pythia. The chief clairvoyant for all things supernatural. She can time travel to right wrongs and change history. Of course this means the Vampire Senate wants her under their influence, and the Pythia Court doesn't want her at all, and of course there's these crazy people called War Madges - or the Silver Circle- who would like to order her around. What she would give for a normal life....

So far there are four books published for this series, number five comes out June 2011. If you go to her website by clicking on her name at the top of this post you can pick out a book and read the first two chapters in all her books to see if this is something you would enjoy.

Now get to reading!!

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