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Monday, February 14, 2011

Bring it On: A Retrievers Novel

Author: Laura Anne Gilman

This is the third book in her Retriever's Series. It is not one of my favorites...but it is still a good. read. 

In this book Wren and Sergei are going broke....seriously. Wren decides to take a job without letting Sergei know about it. Sergei also is trying to lessen the stress on the two of them and takes a job without Wren knowing about it. Cause for disaster, I know. 

So....Wren gets to planning. Turns out what she's after is actually an old Artifact. And that changes her game plan on how to get it, store it, and keep it out of the Councils hands. 

In the mean time more Lonejacks are being singled out although the council claims to have nothing to do with those disappearances, Wren isn't so sure. She was ALWAYS taught "Don't get involved"....but it looks like there's no other option for her if she wants to save her friends and those close to her.

Like I said...not one of my favorite books, but still important to the story as a whole.

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