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Monday, February 14, 2011

Lover Revealed : Black Dagger Brotherhood

Author: J.R. Ward

I ♥ J.R.Ward! *giggles*
This is the fourth book for the series and I cannot stress enough how great this author is. When I get her books and open one up I CANNOT put it down. Seriously guys...awesomeness is what these books are.

This is the story of Butch O'neal. An Ex-homicide detective who has become the ONLY human allowed into the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Butch fell in love with Marissa during the last book and their story continues. With the Lesser's starting to take civilian vampires for torture and information Butch finds himself in their clutches. Being tortured beyond his limits, his best friend V finds him in the woods and brings him back from the brink of death. He also calls in Marissa. But even with her there it may not be enough to save his life.

I just cannot tell you enough how much I enjoy this author. Go get them from your local library or book store. Totally worth it! Then come back and let me know how you guys liked them.

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