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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pale Demon

Author: Kim Harrison

This is the 9th book in the Rachel Morgan Series....and it's so hard to put down. I ♥ it.

In this book we continue Rachel's story. She's been shunned by her community as a 'Black Witch' and is scheduled to be at her hearing in just a matter of days. Getting there however is going to be a problem. Since the same witches who are in charge of her hearing are also gunning for her the whole way to California. And to top it of, Trent Kalamack has approached Rachel to accompany him to California as 'security ' for himself and for her. His thought is the witches after Rachel won't attack if he's with her.... a slight miscalculation on his part.

So the road trip begins. Will Rachel be banished to the EverAfter to live with Al or be pardoned for doing the Black Magic she's done in the past? Is Rachel truly a Black Witch, a Demon, or a White Witch who can just do Black Magic?? Rachel fights with herself over whether or not Trent is trustworthy, whether or not she's more a liability to her friends than not....and whether or not she can trust herself.

Such a great book!! I've already started buying the Ebooks as they come on sale. It's a series I could read over and over. Give Kim Harrison a try, she's awesome!!

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