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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lover Enshrined

Author: J.R. Ward

Ohhh....sweet Phury. Always sacrificing himself for others. Being a celibate you have to wonder why he chose to become Primale of the Chosen, the one obligated to create the sons and daughters of the race...

Cormina. Phury's Chosen First Mate, has a little bit of her own life to figure out as well. Being placed into the position she's in by the former Directrix, Phury isn't sure he can "take advantage" of her. But what he doesn't understand is that Cormina is falling for him. So he keeps her a safe distance away until he can stand it no longer, only to hate himself after for putting her in a position she can do nothing to change.

And John Matthew....one of my favorite Brother's. His story comes along too. His history is exposed (and if you don't know what that history is - I have NO intention of telling you here) to his friends and his enemy, Lash. Quinn takes matters in his own hands and make decisions that will change his life, and Lash's' forever.

If you haven't started reading The Black Dagger Brotherhood, jump on this bandwagon and get to reading! Seriously. It's really good. ;) Check out Ward's website for a chance to read chapters out of each of her books and see if it's something you would enjoy....although I know you'll love them as much as I do.

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