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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Last Sacrifice: A Vampire Academy Novel

Author: Richelle Mead

This, the last book in Rose Hathaway's journey, is the best ending to a series in my opinion. Although it does leave open some options for future books - Richelle Mead has made it clear that this was the last book for Rose and Lissa - but not necessarily the characters throughout the book. She's creating a "spin-off" from this one involving Adrian, Jill, Eddie and others. :)

So...Rose is accused of murdering the Queen. Locked in jail and awaiting trial that would likely be a death sentence is not how she pictured her life going once she rescued Dimitri. Being busted out by him, her father, and several guardians who believe that she's totally innocent wasn't expected either....but hey - she couldn't say "No thanks, I like the cave I'm in right now", could she.

So with that beginning we start that last tale. Rose and Dimitri are "on the run" just trying to hide from everyone long enough for Rose's friends to figure who's set her up for murder. But we ALL know Rose isn't one to just back and wait...she wants to help Lissa figure this out, and believes she knows the way to do so....if she can talk Dimitri into it.

Such a great book. All the books in this series were a lot of fun and easy to read. The next series involving some of these characters is due out August 23rd of this year. :)

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